Saturday, August 05, 2006

What do I need a blog for?

After several years of wondering what I might need a blog for, now I have one. I still don't know what I need one for, but several of my friends have 'em, so I guess I got jealous.
The world supposedly revolves around blogs. Ask the news. They're all up in it, especially come election time. To me all they prove is that the Intarweb has revolutionized communication. The interesting thing about that is that its about the only medium where its potentially a one, two, or multiple (perhaps into the hundreds of millions) channels can send information in more than one direction. F'rinstance: the news comes into your TV (if you even watch the news anymore; I rarely do), but its the channel sending info to you. You can't interact with it. The Intarweb allows for that...but it doesn't have to be that way.
The beauty of the Intarweb (and one of the major drawbacks) is that if you choose to hide behind your computer screen, its not that hard to do. Check out any forum on any subject anywhere on the net. On some quilting forum somewhere, somebody's flaming somebody else for their opinion, and hiding behind their keyboard. I was recently banned from a forum...and I have no idea why. None was given. I sent an e-mail to the admin of that forum asking why. I just wanted to know why; I wasn't asking for reinstatement. I got no response.
I guess where I'm going with this is, if you're going to interact with people, you're gonna make somebody mad. Nothing wrong with that; nobody other than Jesus can make everybody happy. (Yes, I realize a lot of people are going to be mad about that statement) But if you're gonna take action because of it, stand up and let them know why. Its the right thing to do, even if its not the easy thing to do.
....And I still don't know why I need a blog. That question may take a while to be answered.

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