Thursday, August 10, 2006


We're supposed to get a visit from Ashley Burnsed of Blue Force Gear tomorrow, the maker of the best damn slings on the market tomorrow. I wish it wasn't so rare for companies to make a fantastic product (theirs truely is), be able to deliver fast (so far they've done exactly that), and have great people running it (everyone I've met there has been wonderful). Ashley's one of the coolest guys in this industry. I really wish there were more of them.
What's Ashley do that's so different? He's the first guy to make a sling modular. There are no common rifles that can't be slung with one of his rigs. He and Larry Vickers got together and designed the best tactical sling in the world, which of course is named for Vickers. Name a sling. I don't care who's it is. Pick one. Blue Force Gear slings are better. Don't bother trying to argue it, you'll just embarrass yourself. Don't even think about bringing up some bungee cord contraption; they're cute but inferior.
One of my cop co-workers got the run down on how cool the Vickers two point is. He ended up leaving with it. We're right outside Fort Campbell, so we have a lot of friends and customers in SF. Those guys have been getting BFG slings in large, large quantities. In addition to making the best two point sling going, they make the best releasable armor integrated sling, too. Lots of companies make slings, but who else does a releasable sling? Every other sling maker is behind the curve.
I'm hoping to get a chance to give a slogan to Ashley tomorrow. Who knows? Maybe it makes them famous. Everyone we talked to tonight agreed that its true: "the Blue Force Gear Vickers sling is the only true two point tactical sling going. Everything else is a carry strap." If they use it, they'll send me something for it. On top of making the best slings going, Ashley's one of the most honorable guys in the tactical industry.
What do I get out of all these kind words about this company? Do I have some vested interest in 'em? I've already been given a Vickers sling, and I love it. My vested interest is that ATS is a BFG dealer, so we want to sell a bunch of them. In fact, in our showroom, they're one of only four brands of slings that we stock. One of those is ours, and the other two are the Troy one point and the Spec Ops Wolf Hook. None of them, including our own, are as good as the BFG. Guess which ones we recommend. You simply can't get a better tactical sling right now. Go order one!

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