Friday, August 11, 2006

rainy rain

Man, have we gotten some rain over the past couple of days! The weather here in the KY has been energetic, to say the least. Its been generally hot and humid for the past couple weeks, but in the past two days, we've really gotten some good quality storms. I mean rain with enough wind to go with it to blow the rain in sideways. I wish I'd gotten photos of it.
Now, I'm a semi-believer in O'Brien's Law (O'Brien's Law is, "Murphy is an optimist"), which would generally state that if there is to be rain, then your weekend will be ruined by it. According to the Weather Channel, though, this weekend will be clear, with rain coming again on about Tuesday of next week. I have to admit to being stunned that my weekend didn't get hosed.
So what am I going to do? I don't really know; I don't have any plans for the weekend at all! Figures, doesn't it? I'll probably go visit some friends in Nashville. All I know is, I have to do something to get out and about. Well see what happens after the weekend, but I have to attempt to do something so I have a subject to post after this one. Obviously, a lot is riding on this clear weekend!

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