Sunday, August 06, 2006

Holy cow! What a (not) day off!

My new gig with ATS Manufacturing Division (we don't really have a name yet, so far as I know) starts tomorrow, so I spent today getting the building (more) ready. We were hoping it would be a couple of hours. It ended up being seven, and we're still not at 100%. However, we're much, much closer, and we should be stitching by Tuesday. I'm excited.
I'm also exhausted! Every time I had to go outdoors, I think I lost about six months from my lifespan. KY in the summer isn't the greatest of places to be. Its hot (at 9:25 PM, its still 86 degrees) and its humid. I'd estimate the wet factor at about 80% or so. Nasty. Overall, though, even with a few injuries sustained (that's SOP for me; no big deal), we're almost there. I'm fully expecting this thing to get huge in a big hurry.
Tell ya what: if you're going to go into a new venture, its awfully nice to have a parent company that has the capital to back the venture. Look for cool new, original, well made, kick butt gear from ATS in the very near future. Then order some!

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