Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Why Hillary Won't Be the Democratic Nominee

I got this forwarded to a friend of mine, The Scott Valley Girl. This article was written by Tony Blankley, January 24, 2006. I found it to be well reasoned and insightful, and on top of that, right on the money. Basically, Mr. Blankley wrote a erudite and enlightened piece that says what I've been saying for years: Hillary Clinton is a lousy candidate who cares about personal power, who will do anything to get it and keep it. She cares no more about dialoging with America as I care about talking to her on any subject...which is to say, "not at all, ever."

Hillary: a time for chatting

By Tony Blankley
January 24, 2007

Cato the Elder, the great Roman senator, stood for the proposition "Carthago delenda est" -- we should destroy Carthage. Thomas Jefferson ran for president to protect the yeoman farmers from Hamiltonian big government. James Polk promised to steal Texas from the Mexicans. Abe Lincoln stood to preserve the Union. FDR promised to defeat the Great Depression with bold experimentation. Ike would end the Korean War. Ronald Reagan promised to build up our military strength, defeat Soviet communism and cut taxes and spending.

And last weekend Hillary Rodham Clinton presented herself for election to the presidency of the United States with the timeless, clarion call: "So let's talk. Let's chat, let's start a dialogue about your ideas and mine, because the conversation in Washington has been just a little one-sided lately, don't you think?"

The junior senator from the Empire State may not be leading with her strength with the theme of "a time for chatting." Of all the politicians who have strode, minced, ambled or marched across the stage of American politics over the years, Hillary may be the one least likely to induce the desire to be chatted up by.

I can imagine wanting to chat with Bill Richardson (in fact I have -- he's good company). Hillary's husband is obviously a world-class chatter -- among other things. Harry Truman would be a ball to chat with -- presumably over a few bourbons. One could have gossiped with FDR over martinis and cigarettes for hours. Even Barack Obama looks like an amiable conversationalist. We could compare our dope-smoking days, or the merits of different south sea beaches -- if that isn't the same topic.

But whether with politicians or the gent or lady at the next bar stool, the essence of chatting is lightness and spontaneity. And, while Hillary Millhouse Rodham Clinton may have many sterling qualities -- lightness and spontaneity are so not among them that she ought to consider firing the staffer who suggested that "let's chat" line.

She is about as spontaneous as the old Soviet Politburo. One has the sense that she has been planning this moment since about 1957. And she only compounded the problem with that closing observation that "conversation in Washington has been a little one-sided lately, don't you think?"

Can you imagine Hillary having a sincere, two-sided conversation with you -- a total stranger? She would have that huge painted-on smile aimed at your eyes, while her eyes would be looking over your shoulder to her handler with the exasperated "get me out of here" look.

And who can blame her. No politicians wants to chat with the public about the issues. Does anyone think that Hillary wants to get a total, ignorant stranger's view on health-care policy, when she has spent years perfecting a comprehensive governmental structure to deliver health care according to strict Swedish principles of governance?

One can picture her having to listen to some simple-minded suggestion about health care while thinking to herself (once again with that painful-to-look-at smile she forces on to her cold lips) "unless this clown can deliver a seven-figure campaign contribution, why is he wasting his breath?"

I am harping on this preposterous chatting gambit because it is part of an emerging pattern. In her first campaign for senator in 2000, she launched it with a "listening tour" of her newly adopted state. There was something both unctuous and condescending and also evasive about it. It was a calculated strategy of false intimacy.

Now, in this second stage of her plan to rule the world she has escalated from listening to chatting. And in her first "chat" with her public she presented herself in a tableau surrounded with a rainbow of other people's children in an attempt -- I suppose -- to relate to all those housefrauen of whom she was, of late -- so contemptuous.

She, who famously was not going to hang around the house and bake cookies, now can't get enough of such false images. Not to be seen was her actual daughter, now working for a hedge fund (if ever a child has found a profession in keeping with the family instinct, a hedge fund for the Clintons is it).

What makes all this vacuous and phony imagery so curious is that Hillary is a serious and powerfully directed person. She has strong, informed and considered policies on many of the great issues of our day. While a conservative will not usually agree with them, I have respect for her seriousness of purpose.

But the compulsion to false self-presentation is a disqualifying character trait for the presidency. And unlike her husband, she lacks the lightness and dexterity to hide that fatal flaw.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

What now for Terrell Owens?

This is an interesting time for football fans. I suppose that, since there's no football this weekend, changes are what must be the entertainment of the day. Now that Bill Parcells has called it quits, the news seem to care an aweful lot about what TO has to say about it. What I wanna know is, what's Jerry Jones gonna do now? He's the one who figured that a known PITA in TO would be able to be kept in check with the known hardness of Parcells. I never got the feeling that Coach was all that thrilled to have TO anyway, and now that they may end of with less of a disciplinarian at head coach in Big D, things could go the way of the past several seasons of TO in a hurry.

Owens is known more for his antics than his performance level these days. I've never seen TO drop as many easy passes that the rest of the top receivers in the League wouldn't as he did in the 06-07 season. He became totally mediocre. Unintimidating. Unspectacular. Unimpressive. Maybe we should change his name from TO to UN. UN is still a talented receiver, but is he worth the effort anymore? He's not great now. He's not at the top of the game. He's not playing like Mushin Muhammed anymore, who seems to be rising to the challenge of a championship season. If the game's on the line, who ya gonna go to? Chances are, UN isn't at the top of your list anymore.

Here's the bottom line now. UN has become-or perhaps 'was the prototype for'-David Boston. Talented, but a big pain in the tuckus to deal with. And much like Boston, he had a chance to "fix" his career. Boston decided to be a jerk instead of a professional in San Diego, and is a nobody now. UN thinks so much of himself, apparently, that even when he spends most of a season under the radar, he can't do it as a matter of course. He appears to be UNable to just be a quiet professional. Do we hear of these kinds of antics from Reggie Wayne? The aforementioned Muhammed? TJ Houshmandzadeh (I hadda put that name in here!)? Keenan McCardell? A huge list of others? No, we hear it from two.

Ocho Cinco is almost as full of antics as UN is. And while he may lead his team in stats, he doesn't lead the league, especially in the most important catagory: wins and championships. Here's probably the lesson to be learned here: take your stupid little games elsewhere. They're only mildly entertaining for a short while, and they get old fast. Especially when your team isn't winning a championship. There's a lot of room in the league for expressionism, but celebrating first downs and basic tackles is getting old. Its what you're supposed to do as a pro football player on every play. Its time to take a page from Antonio Gates and LT: act like you've done it before. That's the definition of professionalism.

Its time for UN to go. He's more work than he's worth anymore. Its time that the league to start realizing that some guys just aren't worth the trouble and quit hiring them, especially for the stupid money they keep throwing at them. If they were to do that, since this is a copycat league, their problems would be reduced. If a player knows he can't be a jerk, he won't be. Or he won't be working.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

There is no Pal in Paypal

I'm no particular fan of Ebay. Their arbitrary rules are rediculous and they are not applied evenly. Even though Ebay has a lot of different catagorie that they're making a lot of money off of, they have absolutely zero SME's working there. SME's are Subject Matter Experts; the people that should be turned to to be an authority on whatever the particular topic is. Because Ebay cares more about raising fees and making money than they do about making their system run optimally and making money, users get screwed by Ebay all the time, in the form of cancelled auctions. That's not exactly news. "Ebay sucks" has been a common refrain sung by thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of members and former members. We can add Paypal to the inneptitude that is the Ebay Corporation.

Last year, I went to use my Paypal debit card at for a lower parts kit group buy I was doing for some friends. The transaction was declined, no reason given. I went to log into my Paypal account, and was met by a message saying that Paypal, in its myopic, finite wisdom, had limited my account access. And with Paypal's awesome customer service, I didn't get any kind of message from them regarding this new situation. I wasn't supposed to be able to take the money out of my account, but for whatever reason I was able to, and found another way to make the transactions happen.

The reason given for the restriction was that "some items on your website are in violation of Paypal's terms of use policy and must be removed". That wouldn't seem to be that big a deal, except that I haven't had a retail website online since 2001, which my partners and I shut down in 2002. At the time of the account restriction, I had no online commerce, in any form, anywhere on the Intarweb.

I tried sending e-mails to their alleged "customer service" department regarding the lack of a website with which I could violate their policies, which all went unanswered. After a while I went ahead and created another account. Being the high quality, high security organization that they are, the new account was created immediately and is still working.

I was finally able to track down a phone number for the alleged "customer service" department. That was no easy task. The number's on their site, but they're not putting it anywhere easy to find. After a couple of calls, because their business hours are only mildly convenient to those in the Pacific Time Zone, I was able to get through. All I could get out of them was that the account was restricted, the restriction couldn't (or wouldn't, which I think is more accurate) be lifted, and I had to wait at least six months before I could close the account. That was the best part: I had an account that I couldn't use and couldn't close, which had personal and financial information on it. I was thrilled with that. I told them how much they sucked, and waited the six months. I tried logging in to delete the account, but was still unable to. Eventually, Paypal got around to deleting the account and all the information therein, in their own sweet, retarded time. Again, no contact was ever forthcoming by Paypal.

I get more bogus messages from Paypal frauds than I ever do from Paypal, and I've been a customer for something like six years. They care so much about the people they make money off of that they have a track record of service second to...well, everyone else in customer service, in any field, anywhere, ever. I'm hoping that there's somebody out there that wants to take care of people for money that will step up and give a beat down to Ebay and Paypal. Its clear that neither of those companies gives a rat's a$$ about their customers.

Ebay and Paypal: you both SUCK.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

It has begun

In the interest of giving news that nobody cares about, I have decided to give both of you who read my blog an update on the aforementioned trials and tribulations associated with my ongoing education. I received word yesterday that the two classes I needed from SDCC are going to be available to me in a distance learning format. That means that I'm going to be able to take Corporate Finance, Origins, and Philosophy here, while getting my degree from there. I also arranged for one of the last pieces of the enrollment puzzle for Hopkinsville Community College to be taken care of. I needed a letter of "good standing", which means I don't owe SDCC any back payments or tuition, which should have gone out yesterday. Additionally, I confirmed the classes at Hoptown that I needed to take. So, six classes and some sending of transcripts, and I'm done. Finished. Conferred and Degreed. And beginning the repayment of my loans. Ick.

C'mon, overpayment of tax!

I was slightly disgustipated that my W2 wasn't ready on the 1st of January. Actually, I wasn't exactly disgustipated, just a little bummed. I decided that today was the day to use "disgustipated" in a sentence. At any rate, my taxes were done within several hours of me getting that W2, and would have been done sooner, except that I didn't think it would be a good idea to be filling out tax forms at my desk when I had a stack of dump pouches on my desk that needed to be inspected.

Overpayment of tax is something I'm not really a fan of. Make no mistake: your "income tax return" isn't a discount, refund, or any kind of gift from the government. Its your money. It was always your money. What you've done is to loan that money to the government, interest free, for a year. That's money that could have been in your check, because you earned it, and wasn't. Getting "money back" isn't a great thing. Generally, I end up oweing a check to the IRS, but this time around, I didn't adjust my witholding to break even or owe. I decided that this wasn't the year for that, and as a consequence, I'm getting a sizable sum of my money sent back to me. What's sizable? This time, about eight bills. That's too much to let them keep, but its pretty well already spent, anyway.

At least I'm not going to throw it away on useless stuff. A few hundo of it is going to Madtux to replace my current desktop computer. I have had it with Windows. Its become a giant, lumbering slug of an OS, and I'm tired of fighting with it. I'm sick of it getting ill all the time. I'm sick of my system being attacked and finding weird stuff hidden in places I can't find. I appear to have a dialer in one of my registries that I can't find, and its dogging my system big time. I'm willing to try just about anything to be able to work and play better on a 'puter, so I'm taking my friend Josh's advice and getting a Linux system. It'll do all I need it to, without the annoying too-hip-to-stand-himself-much-less-for-me-to-stand-him Mac guy, and the idiot Windows guy who's clearly the Assistant Manager at Burger-Ama. Are you noticing that I'm developing an unhealthy dislike for stupid commercials? Maybe I need to give up on finishing my Business Management batchelor's and get a master's in advertising.


The other thing I'm spending my money that the government horked from me on is a case of ammo for Schwaggie, my AR. I have about 250 rounds of good ammo left, and that's just not gonna go very far. With all the changes I've made to her of late, adding a Troy rear Battlesight and a Comp M2 Aimpoint, its probably going to take a little bit of time to zero her again. That does raise the question of what to do with the former carry handle, though. Hmmm...

There may be a splurge in there, too, since I feel I MUST HAVE a new buttstock. As I stated here earlier, I added the CAA Stock Saddle to the carbine, and so far have been relatively pleased with it. However, because I work with a large number of gun whores, my rifle's not as cool as theirs. I already know I can shoot; that's not the issue. The issue is that my rifle isn't as cool lookin' as it might be, and as we all know, "its not how you feel, its how you look...nobody cares how you feel". At least in terms of rifles.

Where's the rest going? Into savings. Sometimes being responsible sucks, but I gotta do what I gotta do.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

SHOT show

I was in Orlando this past week from Wednesday very late night through Sunday morning. Why would I be in Orlando? Two reasons: get the heck out of Kentucky for a little while, and to attend SHOT show.

SHOT stands for Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade show. Basically, any company worth its salt that is at all connected to any of those fields is there. This is the first big chance for retailers and wholesalers to get a look at new stuff and place orders. I generally call it "Disneyland with Triggers". There's everything from the junk Hi Point guns to sets of four Perazzi shotguns that go for $300,000. Yeah, you read that right.

I found a couple cool new things there. The Magpul Masada rifle is cool as all get out, and when it finally becomes available I will have one. That'll probably take a couple years yet, but I can wait. I also came across a cool new cleaning kit at the KG Gunkote booth. Its made by Lanigan Performance Products and even if it only works marginally well, at least it makes cleaning the bore more fun than it is with a brush. Basically whatcha got here is a CO2 powered propellant unit that shoots a felt plug down the bore of the gun to clean fouling out. If nothing else, its just plain fun to shoot those plugs around the homestead. It only runs about $35. I couldn't find the manufacturer at the show, and I didn't wanna pay the retail price at KG, so I'm gonna look into picking one of these up through work. What can I say? I'm poor.

There were a few other cool products, but that really meant very little to me at this show. The highlights for me were the people I met. I spent about an hour with the coolest guy in the world, custom knifemaker Bill Harsey. We talked knives, guns and watches, and I couldn't have had a more enjoyable time. That man has forgotten more about knives than I will ever know. He also introduced me to some pretty high speed guys. Mr. Harsey is very well known and liked, and has earned his title of Knifemaker to the Quiet Professionals. He's also a huge, huge man.

In addition to Mr. Harsey, I also got to meet several moderators and members of the forum I am an administrator of, I went to the Gemtech/SWAT/TR party, and within a short time, I was laughing my head off with a bunch of lifelong friends I had just met. Then a SWAT cop who goes by the screen name Hetzer busted out the artillery shell-shaped vodka bottle. Note to self: don't be so agreeable to take a shot from a glass that looks like a projectile. I only had a few, but one of my other new friends had several, and that's the kind of thing that lives with ya for a while. Overall, it was great, great fun. It wouldn't have been possible without the internet. As much as I dislike some aspects of the 'net, it has done an amazing job of bringing people together.

SHOT is in Vegas next year, and ATS should have a rather sizable booth there. I expect I'll be working the show, so stop by and introduce yourself.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Another couple quizzes

I am....
I am.....:therefore, I think.
I am not...:short
I love...:family. And guns. And families with guns.
I like.....:eating
I hate....:as little as I can
I envy....:nothing
I fear....:not fearing things
I crave....:peanut butter and chocolate ice cream
I miss....:San Diego
I adore.....:my M4gery
I listen.....:intently
I do....:but not frequently
I do not.....:all the time
I admire....:Soldiers.
I feel....:at the end of my fingertips
I will talk to you if.....:you have cash
I will not talk to you if......:I'm being yelled at
I read.....:constantly, typically three books at a time
I am most excited about......:getting out of town for a few days
I use....:stuff
I never use.....:bad stuff if I can help it
I hope for.....:conservative government
I depend on....:myself
I drink......:too much soda
I'm OCD about...:being a slob
I have a passion for....:God
I dont understand.....:why people vote liberal
I watch.....:people do stupid things
I care about....:friends
I do not care about...:things that I don't care about
My name is.....:Haji
And I AM......:still Haji
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And another:
Fun Fun Randomness
Have you ever been to a different country?:Yes, several places in Europe, Mexico, and Texas
Are you a vegetarian?:Oh, hell no! I'm not happy if nothing dies for me to eat.
Do you play a musical instrument?:Not currently. I'm a former bass player, and played the trombone and baritone in HS
Are you double jointed?:I don't smoke that stuff
Can you whistle?:yeah, but I can't do that coach's whistle without fingers
Do you have any special talents?:belch talking. I'm getting better at belch singing, too.
Have you ever cried in front of others?:Yup. You can do that at funerals
Do you shower daily?:Yup
Name one bad habit of yours::I'd say procrastination, but I gotta think about that and come back to it later.
What friend of your boyfriend/girlfriend do you find the most attractive?:Ain't gots either one
Is chubby cute?:occasionally
Have you ever been hospitalized?:Yeah, I was born in one. Other than that...just the E-Room
Ever done something real bad?:Not especially, except that I went to see Titanic in a theatre
Ever got caught doing something bad?:Not really, but the MP's brought me home once when I was a kid
Rate your dancing skills 1-10::What's less than 1?
Are you single?:perpetually
If not, what's your significant other's name?:Rosy
What's your sign?:STOP
What's your middle name?:Scott
What's your favorite flower?:Roses of several different varieties
Who do you idolize?:Jesus
If you could speak a foreign language, which would it be?:I already speak Gibberish.
Smell your shirt, what does it smell like?:cotton
What kind of deoderant do you use?:Degree
What's your best physical feature?:My height, perhaps my food stain-colored eyes
What's your favorite physical feature in the opposite sex?:I'm smitten with brown eyes and dark hair
Are you afraid of the dark?:Nope, but I also carry a Surefire light
Day/Night?:Preference? I don't have one
Sun/Rain?:I'd rather not get rained on
Cold/Hot?:its easier to get warm than it is to get cool
Dog/Cat?:Cats suck.
Sneeze/Cough?:I'd rather not do either one
Favorite Super Nintendo game::None. I'm not a gamer
Favorite board game::Pictionary, Monopoly, or Trivial Persuit
Favorite arcade game::Galaga, because its at the laundromat I use
When was the last time you shagged?:waiting till I get married
Rate it on a scale of 1-10::really can't, can I?
Does anything hurt on your body right now? If yes, what?::no, not really
Sleeping position::reclined
Children?:No, thanks
Least favorite food::brussell sprouts. They're nasty.
Most desirable place to visit::I wanna go back to Nawlins
Have you ever peed the bed?:My own? No. I may have at a party or two, but they weren't mine
Do you enjoy reality tv?:Not since Combat Missions ended. The Ultimate Fighter isn't that much a reality show, and I watch it constantly
Do you believe in a higher power?:Oh, yes. I know God personally
Are you supersticious?:nope.
Believe in ghosts?:nope.
Ever seen a ghost?:nope.
Watch porn?:Try to avoid it. It doesn't help me
What's your favorite horror film?:I'm not that much a horror fan, so its either the Blade trilogy, Shaun of the Dead, or Underworld
What's the best book you've ever read?:The Bible, followed by the Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Masters of Chaos
Lactose Intolerant?:Not even a little
If you could put one thing in your mouth right now, what would it be?:I don't want anything in my mouth right now
Least favorite word::liberal, entitlement, and socialism all share the top spot
Worst teacher::Whoever it was that taught my Personnel Management class
Best kisser::Me
Most embarrassing moment::Right now. I can't think of one.
Do you bite your nails?:once in a while
Most desired length of hair on opposite sex?:I love long hair, but short hair is cool too, and so is medium length hair.
Are you bilingual?:Not fluently
Do you work hard for your money?:Like I have a choice? Noone else does what I do
Do you own a plant?:not currently
Do you own a fish?:not currently
What is on your feet right now?:leather
When was the last time you showered?:1:00 pm this afternoon.
Have you ever cheated on a loved one?:Nope
Ever ratted someone out?:Several
Who was the last person you yelled at?:I told one of our seamstresses that she was on crack, but I didn't really yell it
Who was the last person you hit?:I only remember slugging Josh in the temple several years ago
Who was the last person you kissed?:Mom, I think
Are you wearing underwear?:yup
If so..what kind?:Hanes
Do you like bananas?:yes
Can you sing?:I can carry a tune, but I'm not into it
What's your future child's name going to be?:Titan Enormo
Are you racist?:Racist? No. Biased? I think so
Are you a homophobe?:Definately
What's your favorite kind of animal?:predators
Have you ever been bitten by a spider?:Yup
Ever had a tic stuck to you?:yup
Have you ever cried for no reason?:Nope
Do you have piercings?:Still have the holes in my earlobes, but I don't wear anything in 'em anymore
Do you have tattoos?:Nope. Can't think of anything I want to have forever
How long is your hair?:Right now, about 3"
How long are you..okay how tall are you?:6' 6"
What do you do for a living?:QC manager for a tactical gear manufacturer
Where's the prettiest place you've ever been?:Lots of 'em, but there's a jungle in Hawaii I'd like to get back to
Is Shakira hot?:Can't sing, but her body control is amazing. She's pretty hot for being so short
Do you want someone's boyfriend/girlfriend?:Not if they don't.
Do you have the hots for a co-worker?:Nope. All my coworkers are grandmothers.
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Toys I need: Leitner Wise AR15 piston driven uppers

Recently I packed up some ATS Equipment Co. gear for Leitner-Wise Rifle Co. to use in a photo shoot. I have no idea when any of that will be in print; that deal was set up by my boss, who's quite good at that. Today we got the gear back, along with a converted Colt upper receiver that belongs to my boss. That upper was supposed to go to South Carolina, but ended up getting shipped to the same address as the other stuff, which turned out to be a cool thing. Its also a bad thing; now I need one of these things, too!

The system is elegantly simple. Instead of running gas directly into the receiver, it runs into a gas piston. The gas never goes any further than the end of the piston. The gas drives the piston into a replaced carrier key that has no hole in it. There's a stout little spring to push the piston back into position for the next round. It really doesn't take up any more room, in practical terms, than the direct impingement system does. My boss had his converted on his 10.5" SBR, which uses a Noveske barrel. It uses LW's rail, which is another elegantly simple system. It looks to me like it'd fit under a standard rail, but LW's allows access to the bolt parts by way of two captured thumb screws (can't lose 'em; good attention to detail there) and some cross bolts on each side of the rail that the top cover locks into. The attachment to the receiver is quite similar to the Samson/Troy rail design. Strong and simple is good!

A complete built upper is a considerable amount of money in terms of my economy, but is definately not out of line for the type of work that is done. They also do conversions, which the upper I've been messing with today is. They're well worth the cost, based solely on the quality of manufacturing. Of course, this one isn't mine, so I have only a little experience with it. My boss Stephen, though, has quite a lot of experience with them, and has had nothing but good things to say about LW guns. He's an experienced combat veteran, and a serious shooter. I trust his experience and opinions. This is definately something I'm going to need.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Al just doesn't get it

Al Davis has fired Art Shell as head coach. That's another coach out in Oakland, and the number is so high now that I suspect no coach that takes that lousy job plans to be there more than two years, and one is more realistic. Raiduh Fan is looking in the wrong direction if they think the coach is the problem.

The Raiduhs have a long and glorious history of hiring dirt bags and malcontents. Character matters, and the Raiduhs have very little of it. Randy Moss is their big play guy, and he's known to give up on plays. They spent tons of money on Robert Gallery, and the record that the Raiduhs set for sacks ran over him most of the time. Tatoos and long hair don't make for a good offensive lineman, I guess.

They've continued their long, long history of being the most penalized team in the league. They've got an ingrained culture of cheating, which is what penalties really are, that is always there regardless of who the coach is. That makes me wonder: why is it that regardless of who the coach is, they still commit a rediculous number of stupid, stupid penalties every single game? The answer should be obvious enough for the coaches who are in contention for the job to say, "I have the job? No, that's OK. I'm good."

Its pretty clear that the reason that they go through coaches like poop through a goose, and the reason they've got such a nice long history of cheating and penalties is Alice. It appears that Davis can't stay out of the operations of the team. There's no other reason that penalty yards should mount year after year after year, regardless of who's coaching, unless Alice encourages it. You want this team to win? No you don't. If you did, you'd leave the coaching to the team and quit hiring dirt bags.

Here's the bottom line: as long as Al Davis owns the Raiders, they're gonna suck. I'm good with that. Must be a lot of fun to be a Raider organization employee watching the Chargers dominate the AFC. Sucks to be you, boys.

I like stupid survey posts

I decided that since I should be working right now (not really, I took my break late, but still...) I needed to add a short survey found rather randomly through Google. I did this because everybody does it on their blogs, and I didn't want to be left out of the cool kids clique. So here goes:

4 Jobs I've Had in My Life...
1. QC Manager
2. Showroom Operations Manager
3. PIMP (Product Information Manager for Personnel)
4. Movie Theatre Assistant Manager (and usher)

4 Movies I Could Watch Over and Over...(and do!)
1. Stripes
2. Caddyshack
3. The Buccaneer
4. Rio Bravo/El Dorado (almost the same movie, but I love 'em both equally)

4 Places I've lived...
1. Oak Grove, Kentucky
2. San Diego CA
3. Camarillo, CA
4. Brooklyn, NY

4 TV Shows I Love to Watch...
1. The Ultimate Fighter
2. Jericho
3. Modern Marvels
4. Biker Build Off

4 Places I've Been on Vacation...
1. New Orleans, LA
2. Miami, FL
3. Oahu, Hawaii
4. Agua Dulce, CA

4 Websites I Visit Daily...
1. South Park
3. Zombie

4 of My Favorite Foods...
1. Carne Asada Burrito with sour cream and cheese added
2. Rolled Tacos with sour cream and cheese added
3. Carne Asada Nachos with Sour Cream and Cheese Added
4. Pulled pork and ribs, wet.

There ya have it! This is at least mildly entertaining, so as long as I can find short ones, I'll keep doing this.