Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Variations on a Theme: It's Killin' Me. Again!

Both the readers of my blog probably remember me complaining that it was talking too long to get to go to SHOT. Well, it's happening again, except this time, it's training that's doing it to me.

I'm going to the Carbine Operator's Course with Pat Rogers in the middle of next month. I'm very much looking forward to it, as I have no formal training in carbine shooting. I've done drills with several good rifle shooters, so I'm not a novice. I just don't have a real world mission for a carbine. I have a pistol with me literally every day, so that's where most of my training time goes. Spend all that time with a pistol, and running a carbine become comparatively easier.

I've picked up a LOT of info from Matt E. and Paul J., who are both pretty scary good with carbines. They were both Infantry Bubbas. Paul's back home in NC workin' the farm as a hunting guide and field hand, and going to college. Matt works for Surfire, so both have reasons to have rifles in their hands regularly. Since I don't, I'm several levels below those guys. I don't expect that to change, except that my manipulations will get a lot better. I'm also going to be practicing that some before I go.

I went shooting with some Soldier friends last weekend, including Pat Alumni Joe. What we found was that gear and set ups had to be tweaked a bit to get one thing out of the way of another. I found I needed to put even more slack in my sling, as I was running a variation of the chest rig I'll be taking to Pat's class. I don't need a ton more slack, but I do need a little more to keep the sling from hanging up on the chest rig I'll be running.

I'll be taking some stuff that's new for ATS. We've done up a 500D Low Profile Chest Harness and I'll be running our new prototype hydration cover. I don't expect any surprises, but this will be the first time that the hydro carrier for our chest rigs will be run. I think we've solved the problems we were having with it, now it's time to verify.

I'm not even scheduled to start jamming mags until next week. Holy cow, this is taking too long!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Blog Spamming: weird.

Since I don't post all that often to my blog-certainly not as much as I used to, when I had things to say-I have come in contact with one of the weirdest of online phenomena: blog spamming. This also happens with forums that have little traffic, and that whole thing makes no damn sense to me at all.

I'm the site admin of a very active mil/LE forum that my employer owns. We get the occasional Chinese spam bot posting links to knock off clothes and shoes. We also get similar posts from the representatives of armor companies, but that's another question for another time. Doing that on a high traffic forum (mine gets several hundred posts per day, with a membership of over 40,000), because even if all they do is laugh at it, the post will probably be seen.

Here, that doesn't happen. There just aren't that many people stumbling across my blog, and I don't have all that many people that care what I have to say anyway. What I do have, in large quantities, are spam bot posts. That's why I went to comment approval: the spam is not only weird, its retarded.

Here's what I don't understand: what good does it do to spend time creating posts and posting them where they don't get seen? Additionally, why spam without a link, at least? Makes no sense. They're weird, but kinda entertaining. Because they're somewhat strange, I thought you might get a little chuckle out of some of 'em. I'm going to kinda sort them, because there are themes.

This first one is very typical. Wherever there is an Intardweb connection, there's somebody who wants to sell "performance enhancers". This one is kind of unique in that they went through the trouble of posting a vid on YouT00b...that sucks. LOL! No music, no celebrity voice over, just a text based vid with a funny, disjointed comment about balloons. I'm going to change the links, but I'll leave the one to YouTube just for comedy value:

Naturomax is a high quality male improvement pill that’s guaranteed to improve your sex life.
I thought this next one almost had me believing that it was a serious comment from someone who was ESL (Engrish Second Language). There aren't any links in it, which makes me wonder why the time I was taken to compose it. This one, typical of spam posts, was a comment left on older posts, some of which had very little to do with the text of the comment. Using blogs as sources for papers is a dubious practice at best, but when the post is about something I did over the weekend or something like that, this doesn't make a lot of sense...unless the Chinese have a file on me, and Chinese kids are writing papers about this famous blogger and online personality. LOL!
Amiable dispatch and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you for your information.

This last one is a favorite of mine, simply for it's staggering arrogance. Sorry, dude, nobody has any idea who you are. Since you asked, Nicky, my opinion is that you're an asshat. I guess that means the Russian Mafia has a file on me now, too. LOL!

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Edited to add on 3/15/10: I got this today, the same Little Nicky with a different attitude. Had to add it just because:
Good day!

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Just a few of the spam I regularly get. I've got some new 419 scam e-mails to post, too, but I gotta go dig 'em up again since I didn't file them when I got 'em. Turns out I get a lot of e-mail...most of which is spam, too! Thank God for filters, huh?

Friday, March 05, 2010

Pet Peeves: AR Gas Rings and staggering

I've been attempting to keep this from being a gun blog, but the only evidence of that is that I spend a long time not posting anything. So, in order to have another post for some jackass from China trying to post his web address to get cheap knock off Viagra and Cialis to-such is my fan base, apparently-I'm updating with at least one pet peeve...which will likely turn into several peeves in a row, because many of you know I'm moderately easy to peeve.

Since there's very little on Wednesday night for TV, I typically tune in to Wednesday Night at the Range on The Outdoor Network. Most of those shows I don't care much for, but I keep finding myself actually watching Shooting USA. Its a good show for a lot of aspects of shooting, some of which I'm into, and some I'm not. Overall, they're solid on their info. Sometimes, though, they do things that make me nuts as a life long shooter and student of the gun.

They did a repeat segment this week, with a section on how to clean the AR. Overall the information was solid, but two things made me a little crazy: they made a point to mention staggering the gas rings on the bolt, and the BCG (bolt carrier group) was put back in the gun dry. My eye was twitching after that.

Here's the thing about gas rings: gas can't blow by them when they're in use. The old saw about not aligning the gaps in the rings is retarded, given how rings work. Did you ever notice the rings on a combustion motor's pistons? To get them onto the piston, there MUST be a gap in them. They're not gonna be able to be put on if they're solid. But do new rings have blow by, given that they're installed correctly? Of course not. That's because-now pay close attention here, this is important-when they're at work, THEY'RE CLOSED! Just like they are on the AR's bolt. The only reason you can see the gaps is because the dang bolt ISN'T IN THE CARRIER when you're looking at them. When the bolt is in use inside the carrier, the rings are closed. Holy cow! Revelation!

Eventually, those rings will wear through use, and they'll cease to work. That's because they're worn, not because of the gap that is only there when the bolt is out of the carrier. At some point, they'll have to be replaced, and that's no big deal. The way to test is all over the Intardweb, so I'll forgo that here. That may be another rant/peeve altogether.

If you haven't picked one up yet, I highly recommend Mike Pannone's book "The M16/M4 Handbook". In that book you will find more wisdom than should probably be available in one place, including good illustrations of how gas rings actually work, and how/where to lube an AR. That gun, in it's direct impingement form, will run tens of thousands of rounds without significant cleaning. Pat Rogers has carbines with over 20,000 documented rounds through them without significant cleaning. All they do is run 'em wet. Not cleaning is not the same thing as not lubricating. Keep that gun properly lubed, and it'll run till you get sick of not cleaning it.

Always check what experts have to say about the info that "everybody knows". The Intardweb is very often wrong. I'll take One Eyed Mike Pannone's word as gospel versus some guy who's screen name is "Snake_Doc" or "IluvAKs69".