Sunday, August 06, 2006

New Toys for my Evil Black Rifle!

I received my new Blue Force Gear Vickers Sling on Friday, and finally got it on my EBR last night. Still needs some adjusting, since I attached it a little differently than the directions describe, but I'm absolutely loving this new rig! I'm done with one point slings from here on out.
The difference is that I ran it from my GG&G end plate adapter to a rail mounted QD sling mount closer to the lock nut for the rail. I picked that up from some SF friends of mine who've deployed with this style of sling, set up that way. So far, I'm totally hooked.
I'm a big, big fan of Daniel Defense parts. My EBR sports a 9.5 FSP rail and a 16" M4-ish profile barrel of theirs. I'm hoping they're going to start doing some throw lever mounts to compete with La Rue. The quality is certainly there, and their finish is outstanding. Ashley Burnsed from Blue Force Gear has Daniel Defense make the end plate adapters that he designed. Its quality stuff, backed by a lifetime warranty, made in the US of A. What else can you ask for? You want another reason? My buddy works for them, and recently got married. Buy their parts so he can keep his wife supplied in the manner she deserves! ;) Here's some more pics for ya:

I also added a Badger Ordnance version 1 Tac Latch. I like the latch; its way easier to get a grip on without seeming like it has a big, fat paddle on it. I'm glad I added it. Intalling it? Almost bad enough to make we wanna give up on putting it in! The difference was that the old one was already out. I hit that point of no return, and finally got the tiny roll pin to line up with the charging handle and the latch, which required some prayer, alignment of planets, and luck. I'm not changing that part out now! Even if I hated it, it stays! Good thing its a good part.


Josh said...

Can I have it?

Haji said...

No. You're not SSFD.