Wednesday, August 09, 2006

on the way!

We just finished our first production run today. ATS Gear delivered a bunch of new rigger belts to ATS Tactical Gear (the showroom) and they've sold a few already. And so it begins. I expect that we'll soon be selling a metric buttload of them.
Tomorrow we start a new product run, a unique medical pouch that's unlike anyone else's. I almost wish I needed one because they're slick. Once I get cleared to post some pics, I'll put 'em in here.
The goal is to be in on the sub level (below ground level; it means that, although I'm in management, I still get to swing a mop around, do heavy lifting and sweat off a few pounds) and be one of the ones making it happen, while it grows. I have no doubt that this will soon take off, and we'll be growing by leaps and bounds. Or heaps and bushells. If you have another favorite cliche, insert that one ----->"here".
I'm coming home dog tired every night, but I'm excited beyond words at the possibilities here. Its not too much of an exaguration to say that this has the potential to make me....not rich, exactly...ummmm...OK, how 'bout this: very, very comfortable. Yay Capitalism!

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