Sunday, August 31, 2008

Not sold on homeopathics, but...

There was a dramatic shift in humidity yesterday, roughly doubling overnight. Because of that, I had a gargantuan sized bout of sinusitis. My sinuses were so clogged that leaning over to pick something up caused my cheek bones to hurt. I don't remember the last time I had this much sinus trouble.

It got to the point where I couldn't sleep because I couldn't breathe. I tried all the medications I had on hand, which admittedly was not a whole lot. It wasn't working. So, I hit up the Intardweb, and came across this page. Since nothing else was working, I tried the method of acupressure on that page, and was somewhat pleasantly surprised. I was not totally better in moments, but I was able to get my sinuses clear enough to breathe.

There's a guy who advertises on the local talk radio show (the music stations that are available at work...suck) is advertising that he bought a million copies of a book "that the drug making companies don't want you to read". Really? What's the cheapest a book can be published for? a buck? Two bucks? That's a million to two million dollars for a book. Yeah, I'm not pickin' up what he's layin' down. Homeopathics perhaps have their place, but they're not the only way, and I seriously doubt they're the "natural cures that the drug companies don't want you to know about". If they really worked, the drug companies would be marketing them and making a buck off 'em. That's why markets work.

Kinda sounds like the global warming scam on some levels, because there's no way that nuttiness works on the open market...unless, like Algore, you have a company that sells...nothing, really, which is what offsets are. Funny how BS doesn't float in an open market.

My sinuses are still not clear, but they're better. Now all I gotta do is get rid of this runny nose.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bucky is clairvoyant on the Olympics

As you know, I'm no fan of cats, but sometimes cartoon cats get it right. See what Bucky has to say about the Limpics:

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Denver Cops on the Ball

This is too great not to post to my little corner of the Intardweb. Speaking of Intards...don't dare the fine officer to "do it again". NSFW for some dirty, nasty, scumbag hippie profanity.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Goin' Home

After stopping by the Messican food place yesterday after the range, I came to the conclusion that I have to go home to get some real grub. There's no real Messican food here, and fresh seafood is non-existent. That is a no-go at this station. I got a round trip ticket on Southwest, non-stops both ways, for $325. I thought that was pretty good. Apparently, San Diego is far enough away that $130-something is about as cheap as it gets. I've yet to find a $49 fare from here to there.

I've flown Southwest for several years, and only once had a flight delayed. Unfortunately, that one delayed flight was going to Vegas for SHOT, so I missed the opening night meet-n-greet. That was a loss, because of my Intardweb celebrity. Its not for me; its a tradgedy for those people that don't get to meet the famous Haji. There will be a next year, though, at SHOT 09 in Orlando. Yeah, Vegas is better.

I like the people here, because so few of them are from here. Its like San Diego in that respect: military towns have people from all over, so it has less of a small-town feel. In most other ways, though, this is definitely small town, and that's not how I grew up. I need to get back to the big city, and San Diego is big enough. Nashville, which is about an hour from here, is about the size of one of SD's suburbs. Its a nice city, though. I just happen to like San Diego a lot better.

As you might imagine, Mom is pretty happy to hear that I'm coming home, and so are my brother and sisters. I gotta make time for SoCal LF'ers, too, and some friends from all over SoCal. I really need about a month off, instead of 11 days. lol!

Friday, August 22, 2008

How come I can't do this all the time?

Did this at a little over seven yards, left handed. The drill we were doing simulated getting shot and losing the use of one arm, and having to clear a stoppage before being able to use it again. Since you will likely have no use of the affected limb, the gun is retrieved from the ground. Since an spent cartridge is in the chamber, when the gun is sighted in, it goes "click" when one attempts to use it. The stoppage must be cleared, one handed (using the belt as a place to push the gun against to cycle the action is my favorite), reloaded, and fired at the target. Apparently, I was concentrating quite intently on the clearing, so I just brought the gun up in my left, hand, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger squeeze, follow through...and a center punch hit. I gotta work on doing that more often. Maybe I just need to shoot with my non-dominant hand with everything I fire. Who's got a 416?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Limpics

I'm a big time sports nut. I love watching competition. Football, basketball, hockey, MMA, motor sports, competitive shooting...its all great. Baseball sucks bad, but there's gotta be something that sucks, so baseball wins. With that kind of a background, you'd think I'd be lovin' the Olympics.

The thing is...I've been horribly disappointed. Every time I get home from work, I turn on the TV and hope to see an interesting sport in Bay Jing. I'm dyin' with this coverage; gymnastics isn't sport, and the other stuff they're showing couldn't be more boring. Where's the shooting? I cought a bit of air rifle, and that was all I could find. Of course, the swimming events, with the amazing Michael Phelps, have been great, but few and far between. The Redeem Team has been straight smokin' opposition, beating them by more than 30 points a game. But I haven't seen any games in the past week! We're in the dang medal round, and I can't catch a game! I'm staying home tomorrow night to try to catch the game; IIRC, its the gold medal contest.

On top of all that, I'm still blown away that the IOC allowed China to have the games. True to Commie form, they didn't do the things they said they'd do: the smog is still horrible, the Intardweb access is not unfettered. They're not allowing their people to see the games, because they don't want them to assemble and protest.

The whole dang thing is sickitating. That the IOC was gullible enough to believe them calls their judgement into question, at the very least. Here's a news flash: Communists lie. All the damn time. If you were wondering why Russia is still in Georgia when they said they were pulling out, you haven't been paying attention. Commies lie. Make no mistake: when the former president and current "prime minister" of your country is former KGB, you're a commie country. Commies lie. I know, its a hard thing to fathom. Here, I'll repeat it again: Commies lie. Get it? Got it? Good!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

I needed another reason to be hated

I stopped by a surplus store on the way back to work from lunch at the New Korea Buffet (mackin'!) that usually has some interesting stuff. I came across one of the best scores I've gotten in a while. Amidst all the stuff I didn't want, was something I did: a pair of Peltor Comtac I's.

They're used, but appear to be quite well taken care of, and are in better shape than the pair I already own. "WHAT!" I hear you exclaim. Yeah, you're loud enough to be heard over the Intardweb. Keep it down or the neighbors are gonna call the cops. But, since you're incredulous, you go on to exclaim "You already have one! What do you need another pair for?" Well, the reason for that is simple. They don't make the Comtac I's anymore. They've been replaced with the Comtac II's, which are, in many respects, a superior headset, especially if you wear them under a helmet. Ask Matt or The Big Johnson how good I look in a helmet. They gonna testify! LOL!

Where they fall down, and fall down badly in comparison, is in the way the battery doors attach. On the C-I's, the cover for the batteries is a screw-down lid. on the C-II's, its a friction fit "plug", which has been said to come loose at inopportune times.

Of course, being the low speed nobody that I am, that's never happened to me. However, it has been said by considerably more high speed somebodies that the issue exists. So, even though I'm highly unlikely to ever see that matter-at the range or in a class is as close as I would ever get without the Zombpocalypse-I gotta look like I'm "in the know" by being one of the old school guys. "Yeah, I really like the Comtac I's better. Can't believe they were ever discontinued" I stand there lookin' Tactically Delicious with a custom 1911 or lightly modified Glock 19 and high speed lookin' carbine with expensive parts on it, decked out in the latest in fashionable tactical nylon gear (from ATS, of course. Gotta pimp the company ride!).

Also, notice the sexy new Magpul trigger guard! I like that part a LOT.

Oh, yeah. I got the Comtacs for $40.