Saturday, August 26, 2006


I've been watching the VH1 series of "The Eleventy Billion Greatest Acts of Hard Rock"...or something like that. Makes me wonder two things: what happened to MTV that VH1 took over as the hard rockin' station, and who's deciding this list? Its hard to believe that the channel that was supposed to be the alternative to MTV for 30-something parents has become the last bastion of rock on basic cable. I can't count Fuse in on that because I don't get that channel. More's the pity; Juliya is not only extremely knowedgible, she's three kinds of hot, too.

I've pretty much been a dirt head all my music-listening life. I'm not an expert on Hard Rock, but I certainly know it when I hear it. The list was allegedly amalgamated from the responses of professional musicians. I gotta call BS on that.

Meatloaf is hard rock? No. The artwork was...the songs aren't. Husker Du? Also not hard rock. Punk? Probably; alternative to probably more accurate. Alternative in this case meaning "not very good". Alternative to good music, I guess.

They ranked Bad Brains above Primus. What-the-hell-ever. I saw both of those bands opening for Living Colour. LC can blow a lotta bands clean off the stage. Primus not only held their own, they were completely memorable and seeing them live made me a fan. Seeing Bad Brains live made me an anti-fan.

These compilation list shows are interesting, but it makes me wonder what people are hearing when they listen to music. Some of this stuff is obviously crap, and it still makes the list. How do we know its crap? It didn't sell. That's not to say that only good bands sell; there's more than ample evidence to show that idea as false. But over time, if the public isn't buying it, its because it sucks. Or they don't get it.

I guess I don't get it. I must be out of touch. I have heard scant little that's worth listening to these days, much less plunking down hard earned cash to get the CD. One of the contestants that got voted off of Rockstar Supernova made the comment that everything's already been done in rock. She got voted out, but I think she may have been right. I'm listening to the same CD's I've had for a very long time, with few exceptions. Once a year, if I'm lucky, I'm finding something I wanna hear that's new. Everything else is stuff that's a few years old now.

What's new that I'm into? Demon Hunter. They just released their third record last year, and I'm trying to wear that CD out. At least they rock. I'm gonna go back and listen Sailing the Seas of Cheese now.

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