Thursday, September 27, 2007

I like trippin' people up

I find myself, once again, doing stuff other than homework, because homework is just no fun. In the end, I'll end up doing it anyway, and all this does is postpone it. Sooner or later I'll figger out that isn't very smart.

I took the first two of several exams at the end of last week, and finally got the tests back a couple days ago. Sounds rather medical, doesn't it? It was just your run of the mill exam over three or four chapters of material. The reviews were quite helpful, and both instructors gave a page + of review material. Basically, if you'd done the reading and went over the review material, you had the tests in the bag.

In my American History Since 1865 class, however, things didn't go so well for some of my classmates. That's the part I liked so much: the test was graded on a slight curve, and my 97 was the top score in the class. I know for a fact that there were several "F's" in that class...and I think that's awesome.

Why would I think that's cool? Because the people that failed are the stupid kids that probably don't belong in college. They're the disruptive idiots that talk all through the lecture. They're the jackasses that can't get to class on time. They're the morons who's academic skills are so remedial that they don't even take a notebook to class. My ultimate plan is to keep scoring high and drive them out of the course. These mouth breathers don't deserve the education that they're obviously not paying for.

This wouldn't happen if they were footing the bill. That class is over $300, which came out of my pocket directly this semester because student aid didn't come through for me. That's why I'm so irritated with with their behavior. Some of these punk ass emo jerks need to get a good beating. I have no doubt that its coming their way; they can't help it. Their alligator mouth is gonna write a check their hummingbird ass can't cover, and they're gonna lose teeth over it. Its simply a matter of time.

We were covering the American aquisition of the Hawaiian Islands, and the instructor used the term "haole" to describe mainlanders who were moving to Hawaii to make some bucks in the sugar trade. The term basically means "foreigner", but the wannabe surfers behind me started laughing when they heard the term. I so wanted to turn around and ask them the last time they were in the green room, since KY is so well known for its surf. I was offended for two reasons: first, it distracted me, and as I stated, I have a lot of cash invested in this class. Secondly, even though I don't like my instructor that much, I wouldn't even consider being that rude to him. We're from opposite sides of the tracks politically; if that subject ever came up, we wouldn't be getting along well. However, he's the instructor, I'm the student, and he gets the respect he deserves for his position.

All this eventually goes to the job market. Sooner or later, these idiots are going to want a job; mommy and daddy won't support their worthless, need a haircut, emo loser ways forever. When that day comes, they'll be sitting in front of my desk, probably with a wrinkled shirt, folded resume, and slouching in the chair. It will be my great pleasure to say "You should have spent your time in college more wisely and learned some skills. I don't need you." I can't wait.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Divided We Fail...Fails.

While watching some good ol' American foo'bah yesterday, I saw a commercial that the AARP is paying for. I have no problem with the AARP, except when they get into issues that are outside their game, like gun control. Now, this commercial doesn't really fall outside their purpose, as its all about health care. What I'm trying to figger out, though, is who thought this particular commercial was a good idea.

The commercial has a bunch of alleged humans ostensibly asking our politicians, "Don't say it just to get votes". "Don't tell us something you're not going to do". "Don't lie to us just to get votes". Honorable ideas, right? In general, yeah they are. Naive as can be, but honorable. The problem is, in their zeal to get their political ad on the air to have politicians always tell the truth and only do things that they say they're gonna do, they made one major, major error. They guarranteed that no politician was going to listen to the add, pay any attention to it, or have it impact them in any way: all of the "actors" in this commerical are kids. Not a one of them can vote.

I understand the artificial heartstring factor attendant with the use of kids. If I hear "if it saves just one child's life, it'll be worth it", I'm gonna projectile vomit for record distance. I'm even making sure I don't eat too much rough stuff, like pepperoni, to be sure I set the mark and don't tear my throat up too much in the effort. Why is it nobody ever bothers to ask what'll happen if the proposal in question happens to cost a kid's life at some point? Things that make ya go "hmmmmmm". Sorry, Arsenio; I know you haven't worked in a long time, but I'm not paying ya for that.

The thing is, health care isn't inexpensive. The whole process is costly. Look at the technology involved. None of it is cheap. Equipment costs a ton of money. Urban and suburban real estate where hospitals are located costs a ton of money. Medical fraud costs a ton of money. What are we gonna do, push the doctor button on the educational CNC machine and pop 'em out en masse? Education costs a ton of money. I know that, and I'm not even a medical student. If my degree is costing me this much money, a doctorate in doctoring will, by simple volume of required courses, cost more.

Hey! Let's get the government to pay for it! Yeah! They have money! We'll just have them pick up the bill! What a great idea!! Uh...Captain MENSA, I have some news for you: the gummint doesn't make money. They have no industry that generates capital. In fact, everything they do costs money. So where is the cash for health care coming from?

Go get your last pay stub. Got it yet? Well, get it. I'll wait. OK, you're looking at your stub. See that heading under "deductions"? Yeah, that's your money getting sent elsewhere. That FICA dude that's getting a nice fat chunk of your check-the largest single deduction out of that gross amount-goes to the gummint. Do you really want them to make that number even larger? Maybe double it? "If it leads to quality health care, it'll be worth it". It won't. How long do we have to allow the gummint to prove that they're not the best mechanism for creating, administrating, and handling buraucracies? If you think they'll do medical care any different from Social Security or any other branch of the gummint, you're out of your damn mind. It'll be every bit as inefficient as any other branch of the gummint. They are simply not the best way to get it done. Never have been, never will be, simply cannot be.

Do I think medical care is horrendously expensive? Of course I do. Would I like to see it cost less? Of course I would. However, I'm not willing to get a second rate doctor to do that, when my life is what we're talking about. There's very little that can be done to make it less expensive to field a quality doctor. It costs what it costs, and I'm not willing to sacrifice my care to a second tier doctor that got his doctorate in some third world country.

If socialized medicine, such as it is in England, Canada, and other places around the world, is so freakin' great, why is it that most of the world's leaders come here to the US to be treated, rather than dealing with the systems in their countries? Ain't for no reason. Think about it rationally a minute and maybe you'll get it.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Pics of the new stuff

I had a few minutes this afternoon, so I ventured out into the mosquitoes and shot a few pics of new gear. None of it is really "new", just new to me. There's my custom ATS M4 8 Pack Chest Harness, the new Hatch Operator HK (Hard Knuckle) grobes, my almost-new-but-new-to-me Glock 19, and the Colt receiver extension (not that it matters; if they're Mil Spec they're pretty much the same) and Vltor Clubfoot Modstock. I got all this stuff in trade (except the 8 Pack; that was a birthday gift from the seamstresses at work), so my capital investment is fairly low. The Grock I got in trade for my Grock 30. I think I may pick up another 30 someday, but its more likely that I'll get a G23. More rounds, less size, way, way easier to get mags and holsters for. The Colt RE is in a pending trade, and I swapped an SOTech double M9 mag pouch and a knife for the buttstock. All in all, not too bad.

BTW, the pack is an ATS Cobra One Day Assault Pack. "Cobra" refers to the name of my boss's unit in the 101st when he was in, and isn't an acronym. I made one for it, though: Chips, Oreos and Beer, Readily Available.


Guess what? I've got absolutely nothing new to report. The sad thing is, that's likely to be the case through December, after which I don't know what I'm going to do with the free time. Hopefully get a second job so I can afford to buy some ammo at some point.;)

Four classes and a full time job in the Military Industrial Complex means that I don't have a lot of free time. That's just the way it has to be this year. With a little luck, I'm gonna get a chance to see Resident Evil: Extinction, and maybe a UFC PPV or two. Still undecided if I'm gonna watch tonight's; don't have a lot else to do, but it is $40. My cable bill is already expensive enough. See the dilemas I have to deal with here?

Found out yesterday that it looks like my employer is going to have a booth at SHOT in Vegas. I was planning to go on my own dime; now I may have to work the show instead. My boss told me it'll probably be just the two of us representing the manufacturing division, which means I pretty much get to work two full days of the show...or more. Plus side: airfare and lodging will be covered. Minus side: I've already gotten squared away with a time share condo that's gonna cost me almost nothing. I guess I line up a non-stop flight and make them reimburse it. Its far to early to tell how that's all gonna shake out, but since I have no other news, that's what you get. More later...more of what, I'm not really sure.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Ahoy, ye crusty, barnacle-laden bilge rat! 'Tis Talk Like a Pirate Day! Celebrate the day teh yeh heart's content! Consume much grog...or straight rum, if ye be man-o-the-sea enough! Yarrrr!

OK, Pirate lunch break is over. Back to work!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

UFC 75

Finally! A UFC "PPV" (free on Spike because it was in London, England. Does that mean they get all the rest of them free?) that was worth it! I would have paid for this one. We found out a few things: Quinton Jackson has some SERIOUS ground skills, Dan Henderson has a rock hard head, and Matt Hammill has some striking skills, but seemed to forget that ya gotta dance with what brung ya.

I'm not sure if Mike Bisping would have won that decision against Hammill in the states; that fight was really close. I kept hoping he'd clip Matt and end the fight, but it didn't happen. Hammill's a tough kid, a phenominal wrestler, and has overcome a rediculous amount of adversity, but I just can't back him because of the Ortiz connection. Tough fight, and he performed. I'm not a fan of the guy, but there's no doubt at all that he belongs at the top of the pile in light heavyweight.

Speaking of LHW's, I think Henderson ought to really consider a move down to Middleweight. Jackson was able to hold him down because Rampage probably had 15 or 20 pounds on him. Henderson in the same weight class as Spider Silva and Rich Franklin? Oh, man! Look out! It seems to be his natural weight, since even though he lost the PRIDE LHW belt tonight, he still holds the PRIDE MW title. No doubt about it, Henderson is a tough guy in any weight class, but he's a little small for LHW. Dude's got heart by the truckload, though. No doubt about that.

Cheick Kongo beat Cro Cop decisively. Not sure what's up with Mirko; is Kongo that good, or is Mirko just getting to the end of his fighting career? Kongo is going to be in line for a title shot...but he'll have to fight Randy Cotoure, and I don't think he's well rounded enough. His BJJ is not great, and Randy made Gonzaga, a BJJ black belt, look totally outclassed.

I'm looking forward to the next PPV. I gotta say, Keith Jardine has big brass ones for facing Chuck Liddell after he's lost the title, and Forrest Griffin is in for probably the fight of his life, at least since he was ripped off in losing a decision against Ortiz, against Marco "Shogun" Rua. Shogun is THE REAL DEAL. Granted, most PRIDE fighters haven't fared all that well in the Octagon-witness the Texas Crazy Fish Heath Herring, among others-but I'm feeling good about Rua's entrance to the Cage. Not sure what's gonna happen with the Axe Murderer, since he got KO'd by Henderson, but it'll be interesting to see. I had a feeling that it was just a matter of time before Wanderlei Silva got signed to the UFC, and that came true about a month ago. These are historical times for MMA. This is the cusp of where it gets to the point of gargantuan awesomeicality.

Whew! Wasn't sure I was gonna make it!

It was gettin' close. I was starting to get concerned, but it turns out that my fears have been allayed. Baseball is finally winding up, and FOOTBALL (so important that all the letters are capitalized) is here. Life is good again.

Its no real revelation that I don't care for the bore fest that is baseball. Its a boring game in and of itself, and to make it worse, we come to find out that juicing is so rampant in that silly game that records set now are said to be set "in the steroid era". That's pathetic. The only thing worse than cheating-and why people don't care that they're cheating baffles me-is that baseball isn't doing anything about it. Nothing.

Is it some kind of big secret that Barry Bonds is juiced? C'mon, admit it to yourself. Dude's clearly on the roids. How is it that he's bigger and stronger at 40 than he was in his twenties? How did his head and feet get bigger? How come he's getting injured regularly? How hard can it be to prove it? Throw the bum's record out and ban his ass from baseball forever.

Seems pretty rich now that they ban Pete Rose for gambling, which is apparently a really big deal, when there are a whole list of cheaters that haven't had anything happen to him. If you're gonna ban Charlie Hustle for betting on his team to win, then ban these other losers for cheating. In the end, its the same damn thing. Baseball needs to shorten its season to about 40 games. That way we can be done with it in a couple of months and not have to be subjected to the stupidity of unwritten rules, sloppy uniforms, huge salaries and crybaby attitudes. You like this game? You can have it. I'll be more than pleased if they ever lose their TV deal.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Needin' more content, a couple more surveys

Not cervesas, which really sounds pretty good right now, but surveys. You can tell I'm trying to fill some space when I bust these things out. Oh, well, maybe you'll chuckle.

Finish The Sentence Survey
My ex......uh...your "Y"?
Maybe I should...stop taking surveys
I love...guns and women. And women with guns.
People would say that i'm...dangerous to myself and others
I don't understand...why anyone would consider voting for Hillary
When i wake up in the morning...I open my eyes...I guess...
I mind somewhere along the way
Life is full of...surprises. Some are great. Some suck. Such is life.
My past is...not necessarily my future
I get annoyed when...I can't pick just one thing that annoys me
Parties with people I know
I wish...the best for my family and friends
Dogs...are God's greatest gift to human beings
Cats...make fantastic targets
Tomorrow...means more homework that I didn't do today.
I have low tolerance...for more than can be listed in this small space.
If I had a million dollars...I'd pay off my student loans and buy a machine gun.
I'm totally terrified...that I might not have enough guns by the time I die
Take This

OK, I said two, but I can't find another that doesn't suck right now.

Monday, September 03, 2007

A knife offends me again

Saw this new Boker for sale somewhere, and just shook my head at it.

There are a couple things I find offensive here. First and foremost...what an uninspired, derivative piece of crap. The text in the description from the marketer's tells you all you need to know: this thing was designed to separate those that don't know better from their hard earned overseas duccats, and Boker is hoping to get them in PX's the world over. To that end, they didn't bother to design a new knife, they just stole designs from others in the industry. I won't say competitors, because the companies they ripped off here are worlds away in better quality. The handle design is clearly an attempt to copy Strider's destinctive design. Too bad this knife is nothing like Strider's quality. The stop pin design belongs to Kit Carson, who licensed it to Columbia River Knife and Tool. IIRC, Carson has a patent on the opener design (The Carson Flipper), so this thing may even be violating a patent. Nice going, Boker!

Too bad its not gonna hold up like they say it will. Chinese (that's what "Partners from the Far East" means) folders aren't known for their long and distinguished history of holding up over time, or for the use of such things as threaded inserts or thread locker. Sure, the pocket clip can be swapped both ends on both sides. You may have to do that to keep the clip on the knife. The thread holes don't have inserts in 'em. When the screws tear the threads out of the G10, if you can keep the screws (good luck not losing them forever) you can swap the clip around until you run out of holes to screw 'em into. Its not a question of "if", its "when". G10 is a great material, but not for holding fine thread screws. And remember, Chinese knifes aren't known for having thread locker in 'em. They're gonna let the manufacturer do the QC on this line, too. Should be fantabulous.

Granted, this thing retails at $35.00, so it'll be discounted to a lower price than that. I'm just sick and tired of companies trying to cash in on guys who don't know better and giving them a crap product that "looks cool". The target market here doesn't make a whole lot of money, and they deserve to be looked out for. I'm obviously not against companies making money; I'm in the Military Industrial Complex myself, after all. But we do the best we can to make the best quality product we can, knowing where its going and who's using it. That's not the design parameter here. The stealing of the design and finest quality Chinese manufacturing sickitates me. "The first choice of the ARMED FORCES on their worldwide use." My ass.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Its been a long time since I've been subjected to this

Well, back to school happened again a couple weeks ago. Its about like I remembered it; I just haven't done a semester length class in a very, very long time. Kind of an adjustment to finish a class in four months instead of four weeks. Such is life; its how I have to do it so its how it will be done.

The thing I didn't realize before, though, was how much less aggravating it is to have taken classes with conservative or moderate instructors. We're only a couple of weeks in, and I'm already clenching my jaw during class. Examples to follow shortly. All these classes are to me is a means to an end. I gain nothing by getting into an argument with the instructor, so I just take notes and give 'em what they want. The instructors, though...damn.

One instructor claimed that her goal was for students not to know where she was politically. Except that on the first day of class, so wore a long denim skirt with embroidery on it, kinda wild hair, and said that Fox News was not "fair and balanced". She mentioned gay marriage (its an argumentative writing class) a couple times, too. Sorry, teach, I know where you are already. She seems to have an excellent grasp of the material, but I'd rather not spend so much time on social commentary for my $345.

My Early American History teacher probably teaches that class because he was there when it happened. He's not quite that old, but he is a WW II vet, which I give him huge, huge props for. The problem appears to be two fold, though: first, he gets off on tangents at an alarming rate. That's kind of entertaining because he's offending people left and right with what he's talking about. He even managed to offend the sixth generation Wiccan in the class, which was kinda cool. He's also drunk VERY deeply of the Evolution Kool Aid. I don't agree with him that the world is hundreds of millions of years old, but whatever. That's not as troubling as the fact that, out of the three hours of class we had this week, two and change of those was stuff he lectured on last week. I think he meant it as a review...we'll go with that for lack of a better explanation that doesn't involve tangents and senility. I don't know him enough to know if he's forgetful or not, so I'm gonna cut him some slack. In some ways, he's my favorite of the three...except that he's a lefty, too. Funny thing is, his home state he calls Taxachusetts, which is funny, but he's obviously voted for Kennedys, which is bad.

The History of America since the Civil War instructor is...interesting. Talk about a Classical Left Winger. He's wearing it on his sleeve, too. He made a couple of comments that I almost laughed out loud at. The first was when he was ranting about the current administration...or at least I think he was. I wasn't paying that much attention because he was talking about stuff that didn't pertain to the class or the subject. At any rate, he makes the comment that he's a Democrat, and blah blah blah and yadda yadda yadda. Then he says "If you're not a bridge builder, then you're my enemy". That's where I almost laughed. Exactly how many bridges are you building when you're separating people from yourself because of politics? LOL. He may actually have some real hate for conservatives. In talking about the Reconstruction, He made the comment (in regards to the Gideonites that did the experiment in Reconstruction at Port Royal) that the Gideonites had differing points of view on how to go about making things happen. One guy was pretty conservative, and saw it as a business. One lady was way more bleeding heart and thought that the former slaves needed everything to be given to them. Teach makes the comment that "I'd rather get helped by a bleeding heart liberal than have somebody pray for me and not give me anything as a compassionate conservative"...or words to that effect. You get the idea.

All I can say is, last day of class is Dec. 15th. I'll be submitting my transcripts ASAP after that so I can take my Binnis Manglement degree and run.