Thursday, March 29, 2007


Went looking for surveys again, and found a political one. The results are here:

Another badass quiz from eSPIN-the-Bottle...

What Are Your Politics?


Hey, Nascar dad! Or Nascar mom, or Nascar kid, or whoever. You like Republicans, and you might like Nascar, and that’s why you’re reading this.

Republicans are great, because they have good family values, a strong sense of tradition, and they're usually pretty snappy dressers. Seriously, khakis? You can never go wrong with khakis.

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That I ended up "righty" isn't much of a revelation. Usually I score so far right that I score into the Nazi zone. I find that interesting, because they were socialists, which I definitely DON'T agree with. What was mildly interesting was that only 10% of the over 15000 teens that took that quiz scored as "righty". The rest were "lefty".

Kids, you need to know this now, because you'll find it out later. Instead of feeling lied to and betrayed later, feel it now so you can get over it: social programs don't work. They keep people subjugated to the government and effectively halt personal growth and achievement. On top of that, the money they're giving away to people who are not working is taking money away from your means to support your family. The Government is the worst possible way to redistribute wealth. As a matter of fact, they're the worst possible mechanism to achieve a whole litany of goals. Since your lefty enablers did such a bang up job of separating church and state (and getting it entirely wrong, by the way), the best mechanism for it, the church, isn't allowed to do so. So, we get a nice, fat, happy, self perpetuating bureaucracy in their place, with layer after layer of waste in the way of actually helping people who need it, and keeping people who could work from working. Oh, yes it does happen. Why do I have to be responsible monetarily for some jerk who decided to destroy his life instead of maximizing it? Why can't I be the one being supported by the government, i.e. draining working people's tax dollars away from more useful pursuits? The answer to that is: I wasn't raised to be a lazy-assed leech.

I know its hard to hear. You're young, you're still idyllic. Your eyes are not yet open to the reality of how hard life can be. As you age, you'll find I'm right. I'm just saving you some time now.

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