Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Best Friends in the World

I have come to a conclusion: the best friends in the world are those with automatic weapons. I spent my weekend (April Fool's Day, oddly enough) with a bunch of people I had only "met" online, most of whom I didn't know before getting to the range. Under normal circumstances, that might be troubling, but these guys are Megaforce. Trust them with your life, maybe your money, not your wife. Well, even the wife is safe with these folks.

What started as a simple PM to one of the moderators on the forum I administrate turned into a get together of Las Vegas Lightfighters (known both coloquially and warmly as LF'ers) and all their toys. My friends have the best toys.

Present at the shoot were:
  • A civilian owned Knights Armament SR15 M4. I know; I didn't believe it till I saw it, either

  • LFT15 Carbine serial #1

  • Various M4's of the suppressed and unsuppressed varieties

  • A very cool .45 ACP MAC-10

  • A couple of Steyr AUG's, one in 9mm. That gun on full auto was FUN!

  • HK-53, knicknamed Black Sex after having shot her. Even more FUN than the AUG

  • An M60, MG42, RPD and an M1919 machine gun

There were more, such as an M1A with a Crane stock on it, a big fat pile of handguns, and enough ammo to make Sarah Brady cry. Twice. It was the bestest day in the world. There's video to prove it:

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