Saturday, March 03, 2007

Steel knowledge

Because of this post that I found through my bro Josh's blog, I thought it might be a good idea to pass on some good sources for info on blade steels and the like. Since there's so much information, misinformation, and just plain whacky crap out there on the net, I find it helps to go to the source. Especially in cases of high performance alloys like the CPM series steels. So, without further rambling on my part, I give you...The Links!

  1. Crucible Service Centers this is the Crucible main page. You can navigate through enough info to drive yourself batty from here.
  2. Crucible Cutlery Steels this is the page for the high performance, yet not CPM performance level steels
  3. Crucible's CPM page this is the highest of high end alloys. Read up on how this stuff is made, and how it differs from traditional steels. If you're like me, your first thought will be "who came up with that idea?
  4. Crumetals is another Crucible site that has some more drive-you-batty-with-information stuff on it. By the time you're done reading through Crucible's materials, you'll probably know more about steel than you want to. Bear in mind, this is just one manufacturer's site.
  5. Bill Harsey's web site I added this one mostly because I like him so much. Bill Harsey is an amazing craftsman, but more importantly, he's a hell of a good man.

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