Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Who's smokin' dah rock at Quizno's?

I hate it when companies put bad commercials in heavy rotation. Geico's metrosexual homo cavemen has taken me to about the limit of my patience. If I see one more variation of the whiney punk ass caveman bitching about how bad his life is, I'm gonna club something. I'd prefer a caveman to take the cudgel to, but I might look elsewhere. Like the people in the new Quizno's commercial.

I've tried the new garlic prime rib sandwich. Its OK. Not the best ever, but OK. The commercial for it is making me crazy, though. Why? Cuz they have some fat ass gamer dweeb saying "Prime rib is the OOber meat". He sounds like he's saying prime rib is the Goober Meat. Go back to playing Worlds of Warcraft and leave the productive members of society alone, dude.

Then there's the skinny hose beast that says "Its not lackin' any meat. And that's what a woman really wants" followed by what is clearly and without equivocation the most irritating laugh ever. Worse than Rachel Ray. Where's my Blackthorne Stick? That woman should be seen and not heard...and not seen would be even better. The sandwich could be the best thing since Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and the sandwich would still not be good enough to cover the stupid, irritating, gratingly moronic, recklessly aggravating commercial that advertises it.

Quizno's, you've done it again. You've given me reason to avoid your latest product. Geico did that a long time ago; good thing their prices did it even before the excessively stupid caveman commercials were aired.

Yes, I like adjectives.

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