Wednesday, November 08, 2006

You should read this

Here's a link to my boy Josh's blog. You really should read this; its very instructive as to the mindset of the current voter, and the type of people you'll end up with because of this election.

A little back story: Josh was riding his brand new motorcycle home from his motorcycle safety class, on surface roads. This crazy woman decides to pass him from directly behind him. She moves to the left lane, passes him...and then for some reason we can't figger out, she brakes, after having cut him off. With nowhere to go, Josh goes OTB. Her insurance company pays out to the limit of her coverage...which was the minimum. He had to sue her to get the rest. Josh's account of it can be read here, and there are a couple other posts he's made about that situation, too. Go check it out.

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