Sunday, November 19, 2006

Its Just Not Right

Well, its started already. Thanksgiving isn't even here yet and there's already ads for Christmas sales. That's just not right. Thanksgiving is getting short shrift, and its an important holiday, even outside of its spiritual ramifications.

Thanksgiving is really a fall holiday. Its the last holiday before winter starts into full swing, with its cold and snow here in KY. Its important because a poor single guy like me needs those leftovers to cut some costs on food. In addition, most of the year is gone, and its a good time to reflect on what went right for you this year. Even when one isn't blowing up the bank account, which is where I am, there's still a lot to be thankful for. I thank God nearly every day that, regardless of how little I'm making, I'm not going hungry. Despite how bad I might think I'm doing, there are a lot of people doing worse.

Now Christmas retailing is getting advertised during football games, and the last race of the NASCAR season (Yeah Jimmie Johnson!). What's the plan for this? Keep backing them up so that when the summer blockbusters come out, Wal Mart has a Santa in a Hawaiian shirt? Guys, you're ruining the mood. I shouldn't be able to get sick of hearing about Christmas until it gets here.

I wish I had some say in this, but I don't. Even when I was asked to decorate my stores by the owner of the company, I put it off until I got repremanded for it. I was able to stave it off until the day before Thanksgiving, where we'd throw the junk up before we left for a day off with the family. It was ready for the biggest shopping day of the season (biggest shopping day, not the biggest spending day. Why ya gotta use up so much time to not buy anything?), but not a minute earlier than we could get away with. When I win the Super Powerball Mega Gonzo Lottery, I'm gonna buy a whole bunch of stores that won't decorate for Christmas until December 15th. 'Course, they'll all be gun stores, so it won't matter much.


Risawn said...

Indeed! Wait until Black Friday at the very least and then storm us with Balls of Holly and christmas trees and so on and so forth!

It seems like Christmas comes earlier and earlier each year. . .

Josh said...

It was 75 degrees today. I rode my motorcycle and went to the range after work, then watched MNF on my back patio with burgers on the grill and a glass of scotch. Dontcha wish you were back in SD sometimes? :p

When are you coming back, anyway? Christmas? Or later, like Spring Break?