Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The dreaded pursuit of education

Man, this has been a tough week. I've come to the conclusion that I need to break something loose and make significantly more money, because I'm tired of being poor and not owning a house. In order to do that, I have to finish my edumaction. I'm so stinkin' close to a Batchelor's in business management that I'd have been done a year ago if I was still in San Diego.

The problem is, I was almost bankrupt in San Diego. I was about to go under, and really needed to make something positive happen. A decent job offer came along that required a relocation to Kentucky, which I did. I've been with that company for two years now, and I'm just not getting ahead as I expected to. As a matter of fact, since I don't make commission anymore, I'm making less now than when I started here. I like what I do and I love working with soldiers. I think I want to stay in this industry, but I'm not willing to be the low man on the totem pole anymore. The chances of me making significantly more money here don't look all that great. So, I came to a decision: I'm going to finish my degree, which will take a little while. Probably a couple semesters to finish off what I needed for my core program and a couple of other requirements. Close, right? But therein lies the rub.

My previous college doesn't have a distance learning program yet. I think they need to test one by having me be the first one. I've looked into school around here at a couple of places (by no means an exhaustive search yet), and that's not looking very good right now. Turns out that my first choice, Austin Peay U, wants me to take at least half my core classes there. Ouch. One other place I looked since they were advertising on the radio here is Troy U, which appears to be similar to the U of Phoenix and schools of that sort. They don't have a business management option. Grrrr. How do you call yourself a school and not offer a business degree? USD didn't either. No wonder their sports teams aren't all that good. Maybe it was UCSD...I don't remember. Neither school's sports programs are nationally ranked with the real teams, so that tells ya something. What...I'm not sure.

I have a call in to the registrar at CHC. I'm hoping they have some options for me. Since I only need a couple of classes, I'm hoping that they'll let me pick 'em up here and submit transcripts to CHC. The waiting for the call is the part that's killin' me. I'm sure it's almost the end of the day there, two hours behind where I am, so I may not get that call today. Lord, give me strength, because this is just plain hard. I will finish this dang degree one way or another though. Mark my words.

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