Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Nice going, people.

America, what the hell is wrong with you? Doesn't anyone remember history anymore? You idiots have given control of the house and senate back to the Dumbocrats. Seriously; what were you thinking?

Did anyone stop to think that by giving the Dumbs control, we'd be stuck with that moron Nancy Pelosi as the Speaker? I'd give you a link to info about her, but if you didn't consider that, you need to start doing your own research now. Go Google ol' Nancy and see what you get. Oh, you didn't realize that the moderates you thought you were electing were going to have the HLW (Hella Left Wing) leadership? Boy, you sure thought that one through.

You voted based on wanting to be out of Iraq, didn't you? We can't right now; get used to it. The job isn't done there, and until it is, our troops have to stay. And by the way, if you think we'll ever have our troops completely out of Iraq, you're out of your simplistic mind. We have troops in Germany, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Kosovo, and South America. Most, if not all, of those are because Dumbocrat leaders put them there. Remember ol' Slick Willie, the Teflon President? Yeah, he said we'd be in Kosovo for a year. Oddly enough, two of my NG buddies recently returned from a deployment there. Yeah, leaving Iraq is in the cards. Especially when the situation there isn't stable. What, you want to cut and run on another fledgling government? We have to stick and stay, and we're going to. If we don't, someone you know will die at the hands of a terrorist. Here. In the States. Its not if. Its when.

Didn't 30 years of having these spacktards controlling congress teach you anything? What, are you too young to remember? I'll give you a hint: the reason your taxes are so high is because of what they did during that time. Nice job. I appreciate it. By the time they're done, I'll be lucky to afford to live in a large refrigerator box. I'll probably have to keep my AR in a much smaller box and live outside, though.

Here's what you voted for, America. This is the Liberal Dumbocrat way:
  1. higher taxes. Dumbs never met a tax they didn't like.
  2. more entitlement programs that you don't qualify for, but you have to pay for.
  3. higher taxes "on the wealthiest 1%". First, see how little that "wealthy" person makes to meet the standard. Then realize that you asked to increase taxes on the one who employs you. They don't have money to give you a raise anymore.
  4. Higher taxes and more spending
  5. Higher taxes and more spending
  6. Making it easier to get illegals into the US, to increase taxes and have more spending.
Yeah, you really thought this one through. With a little bit of luck, we won't be hit with a ton of anti-gun legislation again. Most of the biggest proponents of it have been voted out. However, the leadership still believes in it. I doubt they'll get anything passed, but just in case, you better stock up on high capacity magazines and lots and lots of ammo. They just might be stupid enough to forget what happened the last time gun owners had enough of being harrassed for being law abiding citizens. Wanna know how bad it can get? Take a good hard look at California.


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Haji said...

Oh, yeah. That's totally it. That's why we sued...oh, wait. That wasn't the Republicans. Musta been when we decided that a dimple on a ballot must be counted for the candidate attached to that dimple...oh, wait. That wasn't the Republicans, either. I'm really impressed with how you were manly enough to leave a name, too.

Risawn said...

Ah yes, Kosovo. What a lovely mess that is.

1700 troops are stationed there, and to do what? Babysit.

I hope this election wakes the republican party up big time. . . I think they hung themselves with this one.

Hope the dems don't screw everything up by 2008 *sighs*

Haji said...

And that's the voice of experience, right there!

I think things look really bright for the Dems to screw up the intervening year and a half or so, especially since John F'in Kerry is talking about running again. This should be interesting...