Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Fire the bum

I saw on ESPN this morning something that shouldn't ever happen in College sports, and from this individual it wasn't the first time.

Bobby Knight hit one of his players under the chin because the kid wasn't looking directly at him. Ol' Blobby hit him hard enough to knock his head back, and he was show sitting on the bench later, working his jaw around, clearly in some discomfort.

I played organized sports for a very long time. During that time, if the coach felt I wasn't paying attention to him, he could bench me. He could kick me off the team. He could do any number of things...but he knew better than to hit me. Everyone in a teaching or coaching role knows better. Even crazy gymnastics coaches, who are probably the most over the top bunch of all, don't ever strike one of their kids. Yet Blobby has done it repeatedly. How is it this hot head tub still has a job?

Indiana finally got tired of his actions and canned him several years ago. He even brought them bids to the NCAA tourney, and they won three national championships. He's enough of an ass that even winning couldn't keep his job at IU, and I applaud the school for that. Somehow he finds a job at some school in Texas that hasn't done much of anything since he's been there. No titles. No particular reason to keep him there, and yet they do...so far.

Tell ya what, Blobby: if that was my son that you hit, I'd have either your job or your ass. Either you'd no longer be coaching there, or you'd be doing it with a couple black eyes and a fat lip, not to mention walking with a limp. I don't know if parents letting their kids play under your tutelage don't know your track record, or don't care enough about their kids to put up with it, but at some point, somebody's dad is gonna get pissed and loosten some of your teeth.

Yeah, I'm tough behind my keyboard. I should come and say these things to your face. I would, if I cared enough to go to Texas to do it. Fact is, Blobby, you're a bully. You have very little else going for you. You have the same rage issues that Softball Guy does. You know Softball Guy. Hell Blobby, you probably are Softball Guy in the off season. For those that don't know, Softball Guy is the wannabe athlete that competes in the Park and Rec Department's D League. He treats games like he was in the World Series, screaming and yelling at his teammates and generally talkin' a lot of smack. He's a decent player most of the time...for the D League. But he's a bully too, just like Ol' Blobby.

But Texas Tech's (yeah, I went and did some quick research) AD said Blobby didn't hit his player. The player said Blobby didn't hit him. The kid's parent's said Blobby shouldn't be reprimanded. Maybe its a Texas thing. Because Blobby is close to passing Adolph Rupp in total wins, I guess TT thinks he needs to still be there, to bring that prestige to the school. Tell ya what, though: Adolph Rupp, nor Mike Krzyzewski, Dean Smith, John Thompson, Clarence Gaines, Jimmy Valvano, Jerry Tarkanian, Lute Olsen, John Wooden and a whole book's worth of other winning coaches ever had to strike a player to get his message across. Because of that, Blobby, you'll always have a big fat asterisk next to your name in sports fan's minds. I just hope you get fired before you get to 800 wins.

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