Friday, November 03, 2006

I have been offended

Channel surfing this evening while waiting for the Lakers game to come on, I came across what may be the most offensive movie I've ever seen. Those that know me personally know that I'm not easily offended, but Hollywood has done it to me again. What's got mire ire up so much? One of the most retarded movies of all time: Drumline. What makes this so bad isn't the story. Its the same old same: ghetto kid goes to college, finds chick, grows up, blah, blah, blahbiddy blah. What is so damn horrible are the performance shots. Pathetic. Horrible. Disgraceful.

Now, bear in mind, they're slagging band geeks with their crap. That's a big deal. That takes a lot of doing. This movie could have easily gotten some great drumlines to play the parts. They didn't even bother to get a decent high school drumline. I don't know where they got the hacks they used, but they weren't good. If you watch the movie, watch how poorly coordinated they are. Watch how they don't step together, the drumline's sticks come to a whole slew of different heights. Their spacing is bad. The stuff they're doing isn't difficult for most drum and bugle corps.

Now check out how one of the all time great Corps, The Blue Devils, does it. That is the HEAT right there.

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