Saturday, January 12, 2008

Open Letter to Presidential Candidates

Its an election year, and candidates are allegedly asking for support from registered voters like myself. You want my vote, you need my vote. I'm gonna tell you how to get it.

Arright, lets get right to it. Here's the thing: I'm sick and tired of corporations being demonized for "being greedy". How big a house does Senator Edwards have? Corporations are greedy? I'll tell ya what: I've never been harmed by the head of a corporation. They don't do anything to me other than provide me services and products, and provide jobs. The government, on the other hand, has been all up in my business and done considerable harm to my freedom. You want my vote? Get the damn government out of my life. Get it out of my way. Quit infringing on my rights "for the greater good of the collectiv".

You guys who don't like guns are just gonna have to grin and bear it. I don't like that career politicians that make a hundred K a year are millionares when they leave office. Deal with it. The Second Amendment is about private ownership of guns, even evil black ones. You're gonna have to trust me that I'm going to use it lawfully, because I'm a law abiding citizen. Its already illegal to use a gun illegally. Prosecute the laws that say that and leave me the hell alone to shoot whatever firearm I wanna shoot. Remember what happened when the Dems got all uppity about gun control? Yeah. They lost control of Congress and a Republican was put in the White House. Don't think we won't do it again. LEAVE MY GUNS ALONE. If you have any questions about what the Framers meant, read the Federalist Papers. As a matter of fact, that should be required reading. Go get a copy. You make enough money to splurge on a paperback copy.

You guys don't get the illegal immigration issue, do you? Illegals-not undocumented, ill-freakin'-legal, as in against the damn law-do not contribute tax money to the system that offsets what they take out. Go to the outback areas of California, Arizona and Texas. See the damage these people do to VOTER'S private property. Broken fences, trash clean up, wildfires, cutting of locks, and the like cost AMERICAN CITIZENS WHO VOTE hard earned money. Not tax money, money out of pocket. Illegal Aliens are a drain on America. GET THE IMMIGRATION PROBLEM UNDER CONTROL!! Build the fence. If you have a mental block on this topic, get with Duncan Hunter. He gets it. He gets it to the point that he's the guy I support at this time. You want my vote? Fix illegal immigration. I know its not easy, but if it was easy everybody would run for President. I imagine you want to be President because you think you can fix things. That's something that needs fixin' big time. Get it done.

Here's the simple one: cut taxes and CUT SPENDING!!! We're gonna go bankrupt the way things are now. Forget universal health care; that's an impossible pipe dream. You guys in Washington still haven't fixed Social Security. I already expect a huge bolus of a tax increase somewhere down the road if you don't fix it. I'm not gonna see any benefits from it, and I'm throwing money down a hole now that I could be investing in my retirement. You guys HAVE to stop spending money like its Monopoly money. There's rediculous amounts of pork in the budget. You HAVE to get rid of it and get spending under control, or we're looking at another depression. The dollar is falling like a rock because Congress has spent like there's no tomorrow. That cannot continue. Want my vote? Have a plan to fix that.

I don't want to see my friends and aquaintances killed in Iraq. However, the job isn't done, and we have to stay there as long as it takes to get that job done. Pulling out now will destabilize the region, and if we're gonna be killing terrorists, I'd rather have 'em all there than here. The surge worked, despite what those encephalitic morons Pelosi and Reid have said. Let the Democratic party be invested in defeat. That doesn't mean that America has to be. Finish the job there, get Iraq back on its feet, and whack as many terrorists as it takes to get the job done. We started this thing. We have to finish it. You think the costs of being there are high? What do you think the long term costs of America looking like quitters again are? Just because some Americans have the attention span of a gnat doesn't mean all people do. Don't give us another black eye by starting something we don't finish. That would be suicidal for the country.

See? Pretty simple to get my vote. You know what you have to do now. Politically difficult? Yeah, probably. But I don't care even a little bit about how hard it might be. I care that these things get fixed and addressed properly. Other elected politicians have dropped the ball and failed to nut up and go to work. I expect that you believe you're better than they are, or you wouldn't be taking this task on. Go to work for the country.

Just in case you think I don't understand how the system works, TRUST ME when I say that I'm holding my representative- and Congress-members feet to the fire as well. You guys work together and get it done, and you'll have a good shot at being thought of in the same vein as Ronald Wilson Reagan, one of the greatest Presidents in American history. That's no accident. Learn the lessons of the Reagan Revolution.

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