Sunday, January 20, 2008

Nigerian 419 Scams: the one that got away!

I mentioned in the other 419 Scam Thread that there was one more that I had received and wanted to post, but that I couldn't find. Well, I found it, but in the printed page form, which means I have to transcribe it. It came originally in all caps, but I'm gonna type it out in more typical grammar, which makes it easier to read. I tell ya, the things I do for both readers of my blog...

Greetings my dear friend:
I hope it will not be an embarrassmentness to you that I am writing even though we have never met. The Nigerian Ministry of Trade and Funny Hats referred me to you as a person of the highest integritableness, and I wish to secure your cooperation in a business venture.

I am a prominent Cardinal in the Roman Catholic Church. Recently, our chief executive, Pope John Paul II passed away after an illness. You can read about it here at At the time, I was in charge of fundraising on the African continent, and I was in possession of a fund containing $19.1 USD intended for the purchase of Bingo cards.

Now that our Pontiff is gone, I am without supervision for the foreseeable future. And I am aware that as a black man, I have a better chance of becoming a Hooters Girl than of being elected Pope. It is my intention to remove these funds from Nigeria and use them for the construction of a bachelor pad in Bel Air, California, where I shall spend the remainder of my life hammering tall blond bimbos like a bloody steam drill. However, I require a foreigner to assist me.

In exchange for 20% of said monies, I will require you to come to Lagos posing as the owner of a company that prints Bingo cards. I shall tender a check to you, which you will run through your bank account in the United States. Then you will remit 80% to me, care of the Western Union Branch in West Hollywood.

Contact me immediately so that we can discuss the modalities of this transaction. If you do not assist me, by Jove, you shall jolly well go to Hell.

God Bless

Cardinal Francis Arinze
Lagos, NIG.

If you happen to know who composed this originally please let me so that proper credit can be given. This has got to be one of the best parodies of 419 scam e-mails ever.

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