Saturday, January 27, 2007

What now for Terrell Owens?

This is an interesting time for football fans. I suppose that, since there's no football this weekend, changes are what must be the entertainment of the day. Now that Bill Parcells has called it quits, the news seem to care an aweful lot about what TO has to say about it. What I wanna know is, what's Jerry Jones gonna do now? He's the one who figured that a known PITA in TO would be able to be kept in check with the known hardness of Parcells. I never got the feeling that Coach was all that thrilled to have TO anyway, and now that they may end of with less of a disciplinarian at head coach in Big D, things could go the way of the past several seasons of TO in a hurry.

Owens is known more for his antics than his performance level these days. I've never seen TO drop as many easy passes that the rest of the top receivers in the League wouldn't as he did in the 06-07 season. He became totally mediocre. Unintimidating. Unspectacular. Unimpressive. Maybe we should change his name from TO to UN. UN is still a talented receiver, but is he worth the effort anymore? He's not great now. He's not at the top of the game. He's not playing like Mushin Muhammed anymore, who seems to be rising to the challenge of a championship season. If the game's on the line, who ya gonna go to? Chances are, UN isn't at the top of your list anymore.

Here's the bottom line now. UN has become-or perhaps 'was the prototype for'-David Boston. Talented, but a big pain in the tuckus to deal with. And much like Boston, he had a chance to "fix" his career. Boston decided to be a jerk instead of a professional in San Diego, and is a nobody now. UN thinks so much of himself, apparently, that even when he spends most of a season under the radar, he can't do it as a matter of course. He appears to be UNable to just be a quiet professional. Do we hear of these kinds of antics from Reggie Wayne? The aforementioned Muhammed? TJ Houshmandzadeh (I hadda put that name in here!)? Keenan McCardell? A huge list of others? No, we hear it from two.

Ocho Cinco is almost as full of antics as UN is. And while he may lead his team in stats, he doesn't lead the league, especially in the most important catagory: wins and championships. Here's probably the lesson to be learned here: take your stupid little games elsewhere. They're only mildly entertaining for a short while, and they get old fast. Especially when your team isn't winning a championship. There's a lot of room in the league for expressionism, but celebrating first downs and basic tackles is getting old. Its what you're supposed to do as a pro football player on every play. Its time to take a page from Antonio Gates and LT: act like you've done it before. That's the definition of professionalism.

Its time for UN to go. He's more work than he's worth anymore. Its time that the league to start realizing that some guys just aren't worth the trouble and quit hiring them, especially for the stupid money they keep throwing at them. If they were to do that, since this is a copycat league, their problems would be reduced. If a player knows he can't be a jerk, he won't be. Or he won't be working.

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