Saturday, January 06, 2007

Another couple quizzes

I am....
I am.....:therefore, I think.
I am not...:short
I love...:family. And guns. And families with guns.
I like.....:eating
I hate....:as little as I can
I envy....:nothing
I fear....:not fearing things
I crave....:peanut butter and chocolate ice cream
I miss....:San Diego
I adore.....:my M4gery
I listen.....:intently
I do....:but not frequently
I do not.....:all the time
I admire....:Soldiers.
I feel....:at the end of my fingertips
I will talk to you if.....:you have cash
I will not talk to you if......:I'm being yelled at
I read.....:constantly, typically three books at a time
I am most excited about......:getting out of town for a few days
I use....:stuff
I never use.....:bad stuff if I can help it
I hope for.....:conservative government
I depend on....:myself
I drink......:too much soda
I'm OCD about...:being a slob
I have a passion for....:God
I dont understand.....:why people vote liberal
I watch.....:people do stupid things
I care about....:friends
I do not care about...:things that I don't care about
My name is.....:Haji
And I AM......:still Haji
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And another:
Fun Fun Randomness
Have you ever been to a different country?:Yes, several places in Europe, Mexico, and Texas
Are you a vegetarian?:Oh, hell no! I'm not happy if nothing dies for me to eat.
Do you play a musical instrument?:Not currently. I'm a former bass player, and played the trombone and baritone in HS
Are you double jointed?:I don't smoke that stuff
Can you whistle?:yeah, but I can't do that coach's whistle without fingers
Do you have any special talents?:belch talking. I'm getting better at belch singing, too.
Have you ever cried in front of others?:Yup. You can do that at funerals
Do you shower daily?:Yup
Name one bad habit of yours::I'd say procrastination, but I gotta think about that and come back to it later.
What friend of your boyfriend/girlfriend do you find the most attractive?:Ain't gots either one
Is chubby cute?:occasionally
Have you ever been hospitalized?:Yeah, I was born in one. Other than that...just the E-Room
Ever done something real bad?:Not especially, except that I went to see Titanic in a theatre
Ever got caught doing something bad?:Not really, but the MP's brought me home once when I was a kid
Rate your dancing skills 1-10::What's less than 1?
Are you single?:perpetually
If not, what's your significant other's name?:Rosy
What's your sign?:STOP
What's your middle name?:Scott
What's your favorite flower?:Roses of several different varieties
Who do you idolize?:Jesus
If you could speak a foreign language, which would it be?:I already speak Gibberish.
Smell your shirt, what does it smell like?:cotton
What kind of deoderant do you use?:Degree
What's your best physical feature?:My height, perhaps my food stain-colored eyes
What's your favorite physical feature in the opposite sex?:I'm smitten with brown eyes and dark hair
Are you afraid of the dark?:Nope, but I also carry a Surefire light
Day/Night?:Preference? I don't have one
Sun/Rain?:I'd rather not get rained on
Cold/Hot?:its easier to get warm than it is to get cool
Dog/Cat?:Cats suck.
Sneeze/Cough?:I'd rather not do either one
Favorite Super Nintendo game::None. I'm not a gamer
Favorite board game::Pictionary, Monopoly, or Trivial Persuit
Favorite arcade game::Galaga, because its at the laundromat I use
When was the last time you shagged?:waiting till I get married
Rate it on a scale of 1-10::really can't, can I?
Does anything hurt on your body right now? If yes, what?::no, not really
Sleeping position::reclined
Children?:No, thanks
Least favorite food::brussell sprouts. They're nasty.
Most desirable place to visit::I wanna go back to Nawlins
Have you ever peed the bed?:My own? No. I may have at a party or two, but they weren't mine
Do you enjoy reality tv?:Not since Combat Missions ended. The Ultimate Fighter isn't that much a reality show, and I watch it constantly
Do you believe in a higher power?:Oh, yes. I know God personally
Are you supersticious?:nope.
Believe in ghosts?:nope.
Ever seen a ghost?:nope.
Watch porn?:Try to avoid it. It doesn't help me
What's your favorite horror film?:I'm not that much a horror fan, so its either the Blade trilogy, Shaun of the Dead, or Underworld
What's the best book you've ever read?:The Bible, followed by the Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Masters of Chaos
Lactose Intolerant?:Not even a little
If you could put one thing in your mouth right now, what would it be?:I don't want anything in my mouth right now
Least favorite word::liberal, entitlement, and socialism all share the top spot
Worst teacher::Whoever it was that taught my Personnel Management class
Best kisser::Me
Most embarrassing moment::Right now. I can't think of one.
Do you bite your nails?:once in a while
Most desired length of hair on opposite sex?:I love long hair, but short hair is cool too, and so is medium length hair.
Are you bilingual?:Not fluently
Do you work hard for your money?:Like I have a choice? Noone else does what I do
Do you own a plant?:not currently
Do you own a fish?:not currently
What is on your feet right now?:leather
When was the last time you showered?:1:00 pm this afternoon.
Have you ever cheated on a loved one?:Nope
Ever ratted someone out?:Several
Who was the last person you yelled at?:I told one of our seamstresses that she was on crack, but I didn't really yell it
Who was the last person you hit?:I only remember slugging Josh in the temple several years ago
Who was the last person you kissed?:Mom, I think
Are you wearing underwear?:yup
If so..what kind?:Hanes
Do you like bananas?:yes
Can you sing?:I can carry a tune, but I'm not into it
What's your future child's name going to be?:Titan Enormo
Are you racist?:Racist? No. Biased? I think so
Are you a homophobe?:Definately
What's your favorite kind of animal?:predators
Have you ever been bitten by a spider?:Yup
Ever had a tic stuck to you?:yup
Have you ever cried for no reason?:Nope
Do you have piercings?:Still have the holes in my earlobes, but I don't wear anything in 'em anymore
Do you have tattoos?:Nope. Can't think of anything I want to have forever
How long is your hair?:Right now, about 3"
How long are you..okay how tall are you?:6' 6"
What do you do for a living?:QC manager for a tactical gear manufacturer
Where's the prettiest place you've ever been?:Lots of 'em, but there's a jungle in Hawaii I'd like to get back to
Is Shakira hot?:Can't sing, but her body control is amazing. She's pretty hot for being so short
Do you want someone's boyfriend/girlfriend?:Not if they don't.
Do you have the hots for a co-worker?:Nope. All my coworkers are grandmothers.
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