Thursday, January 04, 2007

Al just doesn't get it

Al Davis has fired Art Shell as head coach. That's another coach out in Oakland, and the number is so high now that I suspect no coach that takes that lousy job plans to be there more than two years, and one is more realistic. Raiduh Fan is looking in the wrong direction if they think the coach is the problem.

The Raiduhs have a long and glorious history of hiring dirt bags and malcontents. Character matters, and the Raiduhs have very little of it. Randy Moss is their big play guy, and he's known to give up on plays. They spent tons of money on Robert Gallery, and the record that the Raiduhs set for sacks ran over him most of the time. Tatoos and long hair don't make for a good offensive lineman, I guess.

They've continued their long, long history of being the most penalized team in the league. They've got an ingrained culture of cheating, which is what penalties really are, that is always there regardless of who the coach is. That makes me wonder: why is it that regardless of who the coach is, they still commit a rediculous number of stupid, stupid penalties every single game? The answer should be obvious enough for the coaches who are in contention for the job to say, "I have the job? No, that's OK. I'm good."

Its pretty clear that the reason that they go through coaches like poop through a goose, and the reason they've got such a nice long history of cheating and penalties is Alice. It appears that Davis can't stay out of the operations of the team. There's no other reason that penalty yards should mount year after year after year, regardless of who's coaching, unless Alice encourages it. You want this team to win? No you don't. If you did, you'd leave the coaching to the team and quit hiring dirt bags.

Here's the bottom line: as long as Al Davis owns the Raiders, they're gonna suck. I'm good with that. Must be a lot of fun to be a Raider organization employee watching the Chargers dominate the AFC. Sucks to be you, boys.

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Josh said...

I knew you were going to jump on this. Yes, I love to see the Raiders miserable, but...just, damn. These guys look like they're in danger of sucking for the next 3-4 years. That's no fun for our rivalry.

BTW, since you don't get to listen to SD radio anymore, I'm going to assume you haven't heard this.