Saturday, January 20, 2007

It has begun

In the interest of giving news that nobody cares about, I have decided to give both of you who read my blog an update on the aforementioned trials and tribulations associated with my ongoing education. I received word yesterday that the two classes I needed from SDCC are going to be available to me in a distance learning format. That means that I'm going to be able to take Corporate Finance, Origins, and Philosophy here, while getting my degree from there. I also arranged for one of the last pieces of the enrollment puzzle for Hopkinsville Community College to be taken care of. I needed a letter of "good standing", which means I don't owe SDCC any back payments or tuition, which should have gone out yesterday. Additionally, I confirmed the classes at Hoptown that I needed to take. So, six classes and some sending of transcripts, and I'm done. Finished. Conferred and Degreed. And beginning the repayment of my loans. Ick.

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