Thursday, September 07, 2006

writer's block

I spend a lot of time on the Intarweb. I'm a moderator on a couple forums, and admin on a few more. I have thousands of posts...come to think of it, closer to ten thousand and very likely far more than that...on various forums on various subjects. I have no problem commenting on stuff other poeple post. F'rinstance, my bro Josh is a bloggin' fool. He's got lots to post about, and half the time I seem to write these long rants in reply to his posts. By the time I'm done, I thinkin' that "I should have posted that here". Yet I am in the throes of writer's block.

The key is, I'm sure, to start writing down some topics. I have them pass through my head from time to time, but they're like Spongebob chasing the jellyfish: I don't keep them very long at all. Sort of like when you see someone you know at a stoplight, but don't remember to honk because you didn't recognize them in time. Even better: being that person who comes up with the perfect come back...the day after they needed it. I don't have that problem, but that's not the same as writer's block.

I think part of this all stems from some pot smokin' idiot posting a big ol' long rambling trainwreck of a rant on the MySpace account of the person I commented on earlier. That person has since made their account "private", which means you have to be let in as a "friend" to view it. Since I'm not that person's friend, half my entertainment for the week has gone out the window.

I'll see what I can do this weekend. I gotta go get some sleep so my next treatise isn't about how I spend my whole weekend with a cold kickin' my butt.

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Josh said...

I never write down topics or brainstorm ideas - I just plop down at the computer whenever an idea compels me to. Having had many, many late night essays come to life during college, I got used to writing when the brain kicked on rather than on my own schedule.

Although, some of my most popular posts were created with some premeditation. Hmmm...