Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Cultural Phenomenon

I have a confession to make. I've been watching Rockstar:Supernova all season long. Its intriguing for some reason. Its not like I love the music. They covered plenty of songs that I hated. I can't help it; I'm really picky about what music I like. Ask my friends how long the list of "that song sucks ass" tunes is. The more I think about it, the more I think its about competition.

I've been to traffic court a few times in my life. After the first one, which I lost in a close decision (perhaps I'll tell that story another time. It may be useful for the edification of the driving body politik) I came to be able to tell within the first minute or two if the person before the judge had any chance of winning their case. Most don't, but that's beside the point. Its a form of competition. Just like I called last year's winner with INXS (a band I'm a huge, huge, huge fan of) in the first couple weeks, I tried to do the same thing this year.

This year's a bit different, though. They've already cut loose one of my favorites, Storm Large. My opinions haven't changed much so far; I'm down with Magni and Toby to front this band...although they don't rate me linking anything to them the way Storm does. What can I say? She's tall, hot, and talented as all get out. She rocks. When her record comes out, I'm all over it. Storm is DA BOMB DIGGITY!

The bottom line is this, though: if Lukas Rossi wins this thing, I'm not buying the Supernova record. I'm not gonna go see 'em. I'm not gonna watch the videos. I'm not gonna have anything to do with them. The bottom line, I suppose, is that regardless of who wins, I don't care as long as its not Lukas. I hate the sound of his voice. His haircut is irritating. His penchant for making is so damn emo I can't stand it. He not only doesn't fit with this band, he needs to front some band of adolencent cutters with "the world is hard on me and I'm gonna cry" songs. He needs a job working the night shift in a Stop and Rob store, or to be intimately familiar with the words "Would you like an apple pie with that?" Maybe in a Dead or Alive cover band. That might work. If he wins, there's something seriously wrong with people in this world.

I'm hackin' on Lukas because I don't think he fits this band, and life is mostly about competition, which means a good part of it is about rooting, too. I wish the best to all the competitors, but I gotta have things to root for and against, don't I?


j allen said...

Well the little femme skunk boy won. It makes me ashamed to be Canadian, at least the first rockstar INXS was a Canadian man.
With this skunkboy win proves to me good taste and judgement has gone the way of the dodo, or perhaps the hep c is effecting Tommy Lee and the other two has beens are deaf and dumb.

Haji said...

The thing that I find odd is that JD Fortune was so clearly the right guy for INXS, and the little femme skunk boy was so clearly the worst choice for Stupornova. This show is a big enough hit that over the next several summers there will be enough data to draw some conclusions and parrallels with...even if they're not valid. I'm not gonna hold Skunky against Canada. Canada still has some credit left for giving the basis of Bob and Doug McKenzie to us...although Celine Dion used up quite a bit of that! ;)