Sunday, September 10, 2006

anticipated anticipation

So there I am this past Friday, slaving over a hot lighter, burning off extra threads on some pouches at work. The guy who used to be my boss before I started in the manufacturing division comes over and says "How late do you think you'll be on Tuesday morning?" I thought for a bit, and said "Well, if the game runs long, ya better plan on an extra hour". Our production manager asked why I'd be late, so he said "Chargers/Raiders on Monday Night Football in the late game." That game is scheduled to end at about midnight:30 or so. I'm gonna have to stay up and watch it (unless its a blow out) because 1) Its the Chargers/Raiders, and I have to see it live for the best effect, and B) I don't have TiVo.

I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to this game. There's a couple reasons for it: I'm a San Diego guy at heart, and have been for 25 years or so. I love that city, from the killer Messican food to ultra fresh seafood, to the Mardi Gras Cafe on Midway Dr. In addition, the weather is awesome, the wimminz is beeee-youtiful and the poeple are pretty fantastic, too. Because I have a strong link to San Diego to this day, following the SD sports teams when I can is a way to make me feel just a bit less homesick...or at least, missing carne asada nachos with sour cream and cheese a little less.

But there's more. Being a Charger fan means that I hate the Raiders. I detest Alice Davis and all that he stands for. Except for part of a decade when they employed a guy I knew from my church, Lincoln Kennedy I wanted them to lose every game. The hard part was that I wanted my bro to succeed (he did) and get paid (he did) and stay healthy (thank God, he did) but I still wanted, vehemently and strenuously, to lose every game and lose big. Now that he's retired, I can do that in good concience. I don't care what they do, as long as they lose. Hey, Alice, get down there on the sideline and coach. Get in Art Schell's way and cause more losses. Its the best thing you can do for fans of real sports teams.

The best part is that he's got himself one bad, bad football team. The Raiders, once again, are going nowhere. They're going to be the cellar dwellers, which is great. The Chargers will make the playoffs, barring too many injuries. They should be steadily improving over the next couple years, too. The Raiders, as long as Alice owns them, are going no where and staying there. They'll be the source for the maps to nowhere. They'll be able to act as guides. The Browns will probably be there, too, to spread the work load.

After all this, all I gotta say is, I'm gonna look pretty bad if the Raiders win somehow. They say the sun shines on even a blind dog's butt some days. I'm not sure what that means, other than that its supposed to connotate "luck". At any rate, here's to seeing the first game of a lot of losing by the Raiders for the forseeable future. Its a continuation of the past couple seasons, after all.


Kirk said...

Hi Haji - Guess a good CAB(Carne Asada Burrito) might be hard to come by there....but I bet you get a really good laugh when everyone in San Diego raves about Phil's BBQ!

Haji said...

That's true, but its relative. When it comes down to it, I really like Mexican food more than I like Barbeque...although I do really like barbeque, too!

Josh said...

So how 'bout them Chargers?

Haji said...

They certainly weren't perfect, but the defense was amazing, and LT got his. For whatever reason, he tears it up against Theh Raiduhs. Oakland really is pretty awful, though...which I'm good with.