Thursday, March 12, 2009

Something to consider in a carry gun

My friend and coworker Matt made an interesting point today in regards to carry guns. I've already thought the topic through, but he put it in an interesting light that made me check my thinking.

Obviously, people are becoming unhinged in this sluggish economy. There have been several high profile multiple murders in the past couple of weeks, which will undoubtedly have the opposite effect that they should: instead of making it easier for citizens to defend themselves, we all know that if Congress introduces any legislation, it will be to restrict the lawful use of guns, rather than to simplify things. They should be thinking in terms of allowing people access to the best tools and carrying methods to defend themselves.

Be that as it may, the point is that carrying a gun can be a lifesaver; not only you and yours, but potentially several other people's as well. So, consider this: if that happens, and some nut job starts lighting up the Wal Mart parking lot while you're there, do you want the small, easily carried pocket gun like a Kel Tec, or do you want the more difficult to carry but far easier to work with real fighting gun? If you have to, at the drop of a hat, switch on and return fire, what tool do you want in your hands to get to it with?

The chances of needing to do so are admittedly slim, but it's certainly more of a possibility than it's ever been. The world hasn't been a safe place since...well, ever..., even here at home. With situations getting worse and a political hack who owes the Unions and the far left in the Oval Office, the promised Eutopia isn't going to happen, and the people who are gruntled now will get disgruntled in short order. At that point, it may very well be time for good men to raise the black flag, spit on their hands and start closing accounts. If you carry, you may very well be in that position at some point. When the balloon goes up and you have to make a 75 yard shot from under your car across the parking lot, what do you want to have in your hands: the tiny, easy to hide, small caliber pocket gun, or a real fighting gun in a serious social caliber? That's a decision you're going to have to come to grips with.


JD said...

In that scenario, I want the rifle I carry in the back of my truck, but you have a point.

Carry. But carry effectively. Carry a real gun, meaning decent capacity, accuracy and a sight radius that can assist longer shots. Don't carry off-body or somewhere difficult to access.

Haji said...

If I KNOW I'm gonna be in a fight, I always want my rifles. However, I almost always have my pistol with me. I know it's hard to believe, but I open carry in Wal Mart, and have for going on two years. I'm not sure most people even notice, much less comment on it.