Saturday, March 07, 2009


I'm leading a very boring life these days. More often than not, I'm working six day work weeks, with the remaining day being spent doing things like wash and dishes. That doesn't leave a lot of interest to blog about. The only interesting thing on the horizon is an IDPA match next week.

The match director is a retired 5th Group CIF guy who shoots like a house afire, according to my friend who's shot with him. With his experience, the course of fire should be really interesting and fun. I'm really looking forward to it, even though I'll be lucky to finish in the middle of the pack. I did a bit of work today at the range to prepare, but was only there for an hour before having to leave to go to work.

I even joined the IDPA today. There are lots of things about IDPA that don't thrill me, like reloads with retension and courses of fire that don't take advantage of the AWB sunsetting, but I understand why that wasn't changed. My MnP mags are 17 rounds. If stages were set up that took that into account, you'd have to shoot a case of ammo to do a match. I haven't figured out the way around that yet that works more or less universally, but I haven't given up on thinking about it yet.

I just really hate the idea of time applying to an administrative reload. The only time to do that is when you're not actively engaged, not under fire, and not in immediate threat of contact. When that time comes, you have some time to work with. Otherwise, shoot to slide lock and speed reload. It seems to me that its a match device now to influence the complexity of the course of fire, rather than a test of the application of the skill. I watched a lot of video of IDPA matches, and there's a faster way to do that (which is how I'll do it), but it's not how it's taught by gunfightin' schools. Guess we'll see which way I do it under match pressure. I'm sure that's how I'm gonna end up in the middle...if I'm a little lucky.


DirtCrashr said...

Seventeen round mags?! Holy crap, that's like three of my Colt's seven-rounders!

Haji said...

Yup, and those are the standard capacity mags. I typically run Glock 17 (17 round) mags in my Glock 19, too. My 1911 gets 10 round mags if carried at work, 8 rounder in the gun and 10 round for reloads for concealed carry. 17 round magazines are just another reason to like the MnP. :)

DirtCrashr said...

Was the match fun? I'm not sure where the IDPA is around here, or the other one - IPSC?

Haji said...

The match is this coming Saturday, the 14th. The weather is not cooperating like I would prefer, but its something different to do on a Saturday!

You can find affiliated clubs through the organization's websites, so if you don't have a local web-integrated scene, checking with them is a good idea. In addition to IDPA and IPSC, there's also USPSA. Google 'em and you should be able to find something within driving distance. I always recommend giving it a shot (so to speak) in case you find you really like or really dislike a type of match.