Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dangit, I hate winter

Yeah, winter reared its ugly head again and rained out the IDPA match I was all psyched to shoot today. It wasn't the rain; we still woulda shot anyway. The problem is that the targets (IDPA targets are cardboard with scoring rings embossed on 'em) basically dissolve on the target stands in the rain. The fairly important head zone wilts and falls over. I kinda think that makes it more realistic, but its tougher to score, I guess. lol!

We were standing around talking while waiting for the rain to stop or slow down or pour somewhat less, and somebody said they had heard the solution for this particular problem: dry cleaning bags. They're cheap and easy to replace. Ya just lift 'em up to paste the targets and replace 'em when they get too torn up to see the A-zone. If we'd have known that ahead of time, we'd have shot the match, and I would have qualified below whatever the minimum passing score was. :)


Anonymous said...

Yep, Haji, dry cleaning bags is where it's at.

And if you can get some wooden lathing strips, one of those stapled to the back and then run up to the head part keeps them from drooping.

Shooting through bagged targets does suck. And so does the scoring and the pasting.

Haji said...

I can certainly see the downside to the bagged target, but its gotta be better than not having a match! I'm hoping for good spring weather for the next couple shoots, though: the Qualifier on the 11th and the match we were gonna have that will be set up on the 25th.

Thanks for the tips!