Monday, March 30, 2009

Ammo is gettin' scarcer and scarcer

Man, this is getting rough. I'm sure its pretty much the same across the country: there's very little ammo to be had right now, and I'm betting the reason, again, stems from the Gummint. There was a rumor last week that all imported ammo had been banned by Executive Order. I searched for almost a week and can find no proof of it, but apparently consumers are not willing to take the chance and are scarfing up ammo like Pac-Man on one of the magical blue pills in the corner. What he's doing with those blue pills is a topic for another time.

The Obamanation Administration hasn't seemed to figure out that they're driving all of this every time one of their loudmouth figureheads steps up and makes a comment about guns or gun control. Every time they hint at it, it causes a whole 'nother wave of buying and supplies dry up. Again. It doesn't help that Wal Marts all over this area appear to be willing to sell all their ammo shipments to one of the local dealers or their employees. I generally don't like rationing, but if it has to be to spread product around as much as possible, that's what should happen. It doesn't do any good for shooting around here to sell a bunch of guns that can't be fed. Its not healthy for the sport, which could grow with match shooting, training, and all that goes with it.

Zerobama has been the greatest gun salesman the country's seen in quite some time; certainly much better than Clinton ever was. The "leadership" in Congress is watching what's going on, and I think they realize what's happening. The Obamanation didn't get a supermajority of voters. In fact, he didn't break even and won on Electoral College votes. This was not a Reagan-style landslide. So, while there's quite a bit of Hope for the Change of the Hope of the Change, there are plenty of pissed off gun owners, and a large number of them are new gun owners. Now that most of the campaign promises have proven to be as valuable as dust and the Marxism that we know Teleprompter Jeebus believes in is starting to show, gun control legislation is a bad, bad idea. The Speakers of the House and Senate both know that it's the third rail, and came out against it publicly. That doesn't mean they've changed their minds, it means they've realized that they could easily lose the House and Senate again, with the Presidency a short while after that. They know they're just lucky that a true Conservative didn't get nominated in the last election.

If you haven't already, make sure your representatives know where you stand on gun control, and join a group that can lobby for your rights, be it the NRA, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, Gun Owners of America, Second Amendment Foundation, Citizen's Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, or any others. There are more, and Google will bring 'em up. We've got to be vigilant and make our voices heard. I recently joined the NRA again, and will be looking into others. Now's the time to kick some ass!


DirtCrashr said...

Just got this from a recently minted gunnie, who got it off rec.guns: in rec.guns pj at wrote:

"It's the market stupid."

The "insanity" will end when supply catches up with demand. That will happen when the commercial ammo plants are back on two-shift operations and we get beefed up to fight in Afghanistan.

Running three shifts at ammo plants costs more than running one or two shifts. (This is known as the 'duh' factor.)

Simply, in 2004 we didn't plan ahead and we failed to expand the Army ammo plants to accommodate a 2 billion round/year production rate. This was part of the past 7 years of robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Since 2002, we've been trying to fight wars on a shoestring by outsourcing ammo and buying from overseas suppliers. (called the, "Haliburton effect.") The dollar has slumped and we have to pay higher prices in the world market. It's caught up with us.

Look for the civilian ammo situation to improve in October or November when the supply line to Afghanistan is filled and we ease off in Iraq. That shold lower military demand for powder, brass and primers below 1.4 trillion rounds a year (within the capacity of Army ammo plants) and the market should stabilize.

Unless we have an all-out war with Mexico."

So that's ONE theory anyhow...

Haji said...

Most of that ammo isn't available to the civilian market. It also doesn't explain the lack of commercial spec ammo-the Army doesn't use WWB-for handgun calibers.

Asscrackistan is a whole other topic altogether. TJ is gonna blow it big time with his current plan.

DirtCrashr said...

Uh, so it was a typical fubar rec.guns post? :-) Should have known that with the "Haliburton effect" crack...

Gauge said...

All I know is that I need more. Ammo, that is. Ahem.

Haji said...