Friday, February 15, 2008

Hey, that's not a half bad election analysis!

I was over on Kami's blog, reading about the big suck sandwich that's coming from the Presidential elections this time around. I made these comments on a post, and then realized how brilliant and precient I am. So, I had to post 'em here, too...and not just to take up space on my blog! Really! OK, I'm taking up space on my blog...but its still a pretty good analysis.

"The way it looks right now is that Obama Hussien Bin Laden is going to get the Demo-nom. Hillary's campaign looks like rats leaving a burning ship lately. It may still go to delegates, but the way Obama's going, it may be pretty much cut and dried after Texas. Best case scenario is that they'll drain eachother's campaign all the way to the Convention.

McCain is a done deal on the Republican side. If he can actually get across who he is to America, beating up on both Dem candidates will be easy. He's by no means a good candidate, but he's the best of what's left.

I'm getting sick and tired of the political parties putting candidates out there because they've paid their dues and are next in line. That's how we ended up with this wonderful crop of candidates we have now.


DirtCrashr said...

If McCain would get Condi as VP they could really knock some D-heads and scare the hell out of Moonbats.

Haji said...

Man, that would be a winner! Maybe it'd be the white dude and the black wonderwoman vs. the black dude and the white beast...uh...woman. That'd be an awesome race. McCain might not dominate Obama in a debate, but Condi would just kick the hell out of Billary.