Saturday, February 16, 2008

Great Birthday Presents

I got a box yesterday from my friendly USPS delivery lady. One nice thing about living in a relatively small community: they know where I live and where I work...that's not that difficult to do, given the proximity of Fortress Haji to the ATS shop. Why that is in some way important is that, instead of leaving a parcel that won't fit in my box on my doorstep where it could be removed by goblins or zombies of nefarious intent, they deliver said parcels to my place of work, where they end up in my hands in short order. As I said, that's what happened yesterday.

Now, I knew that this box was in transit, because my bro Assbags (I'm not sure what exactly it means either, but that name was issued by his DI, so he's stuck with it) told me it was on its way. When I opened it, though, I was even more pleasantly surprised. Pleasantlier, if you will. Or if you won't. Inside that box were not one, not two, but ten new black Magpul P-Mags. But wait, there's more! Also in the box were not one, not two, but ten tan Magpuls to go with the mags!

My usual shooting partner, Top, is stuck at the store today, so I haven't taken 'em to the range yet, but the weather seems to be trending towards the better, so it shouldn't be too long.

Speaking of ranges, I spoke to a guy that used to work at the CCPD with one of the guys who works for ATS. He was the range master there, and said we may still have a place to shoot up that way. Things are definitely lookin' up! I'm gonna go do some dry fire with the AR at the bad guys in Shooter now, as well as enjoy the performances of Kate Mara and Rhona Mitra. They're amazing. :)


Grifter said...

May they serve you well. I bought about 20 this past summer and I couldn't be happier with them.

DirtCrashr said...

I went to finally once-and-for-all sight-in the Noveske upper, and found that one of my CA-legal 10-round magazines, the one that I mostly only use for single-loading stuff - is only a 9-round mag!!
It totally threw-off my round count.
The upper shot good though, real guuud.

Haji said...

At least Cali will feel much safer knowing you only have a nine round mag, rather than that evil ten round one. Noveske...aight, I'm adding that to my list-to-torture-myself-over!