Saturday, September 08, 2007

Whew! Wasn't sure I was gonna make it!

It was gettin' close. I was starting to get concerned, but it turns out that my fears have been allayed. Baseball is finally winding up, and FOOTBALL (so important that all the letters are capitalized) is here. Life is good again.

Its no real revelation that I don't care for the bore fest that is baseball. Its a boring game in and of itself, and to make it worse, we come to find out that juicing is so rampant in that silly game that records set now are said to be set "in the steroid era". That's pathetic. The only thing worse than cheating-and why people don't care that they're cheating baffles me-is that baseball isn't doing anything about it. Nothing.

Is it some kind of big secret that Barry Bonds is juiced? C'mon, admit it to yourself. Dude's clearly on the roids. How is it that he's bigger and stronger at 40 than he was in his twenties? How did his head and feet get bigger? How come he's getting injured regularly? How hard can it be to prove it? Throw the bum's record out and ban his ass from baseball forever.

Seems pretty rich now that they ban Pete Rose for gambling, which is apparently a really big deal, when there are a whole list of cheaters that haven't had anything happen to him. If you're gonna ban Charlie Hustle for betting on his team to win, then ban these other losers for cheating. In the end, its the same damn thing. Baseball needs to shorten its season to about 40 games. That way we can be done with it in a couple of months and not have to be subjected to the stupidity of unwritten rules, sloppy uniforms, huge salaries and crybaby attitudes. You like this game? You can have it. I'll be more than pleased if they ever lose their TV deal.

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