Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Needin' more content, a couple more surveys

Not cervesas, which really sounds pretty good right now, but surveys. You can tell I'm trying to fill some space when I bust these things out. Oh, well, maybe you'll chuckle.

Finish The Sentence Survey
My ex......uh...your "Y"?
Maybe I should...stop taking surveys
I love...guns and women. And women with guns.
People would say that i'm...dangerous to myself and others
I don't understand...why anyone would consider voting for Hillary
When i wake up in the morning...I open my eyes...I guess...
I lost...my mind somewhere along the way
Life is full of...surprises. Some are great. Some suck. Such is life.
My past is...not necessarily my future
I get annoyed when...I can't pick just one thing that annoys me
Parties are...fun with people I know
I wish...the best for my family and friends
Dogs...are God's greatest gift to human beings
Cats...make fantastic targets
Tomorrow...means more homework that I didn't do today.
I have low tolerance...for more than can be listed in this small space.
If I had a million dollars...I'd pay off my student loans and buy a machine gun.
I'm totally terrified...that I might not have enough guns by the time I die
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OK, I said two, but I can't find another that doesn't suck right now.

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