Saturday, September 01, 2007

Its been a long time since I've been subjected to this

Well, back to school happened again a couple weeks ago. Its about like I remembered it; I just haven't done a semester length class in a very, very long time. Kind of an adjustment to finish a class in four months instead of four weeks. Such is life; its how I have to do it so its how it will be done.

The thing I didn't realize before, though, was how much less aggravating it is to have taken classes with conservative or moderate instructors. We're only a couple of weeks in, and I'm already clenching my jaw during class. Examples to follow shortly. All these classes are to me is a means to an end. I gain nothing by getting into an argument with the instructor, so I just take notes and give 'em what they want. The instructors, though...damn.

One instructor claimed that her goal was for students not to know where she was politically. Except that on the first day of class, so wore a long denim skirt with embroidery on it, kinda wild hair, and said that Fox News was not "fair and balanced". She mentioned gay marriage (its an argumentative writing class) a couple times, too. Sorry, teach, I know where you are already. She seems to have an excellent grasp of the material, but I'd rather not spend so much time on social commentary for my $345.

My Early American History teacher probably teaches that class because he was there when it happened. He's not quite that old, but he is a WW II vet, which I give him huge, huge props for. The problem appears to be two fold, though: first, he gets off on tangents at an alarming rate. That's kind of entertaining because he's offending people left and right with what he's talking about. He even managed to offend the sixth generation Wiccan in the class, which was kinda cool. He's also drunk VERY deeply of the Evolution Kool Aid. I don't agree with him that the world is hundreds of millions of years old, but whatever. That's not as troubling as the fact that, out of the three hours of class we had this week, two and change of those was stuff he lectured on last week. I think he meant it as a review...we'll go with that for lack of a better explanation that doesn't involve tangents and senility. I don't know him enough to know if he's forgetful or not, so I'm gonna cut him some slack. In some ways, he's my favorite of the three...except that he's a lefty, too. Funny thing is, his home state he calls Taxachusetts, which is funny, but he's obviously voted for Kennedys, which is bad.

The History of America since the Civil War instructor is...interesting. Talk about a Classical Left Winger. He's wearing it on his sleeve, too. He made a couple of comments that I almost laughed out loud at. The first was when he was ranting about the current administration...or at least I think he was. I wasn't paying that much attention because he was talking about stuff that didn't pertain to the class or the subject. At any rate, he makes the comment that he's a Democrat, and blah blah blah and yadda yadda yadda. Then he says "If you're not a bridge builder, then you're my enemy". That's where I almost laughed. Exactly how many bridges are you building when you're separating people from yourself because of politics? LOL. He may actually have some real hate for conservatives. In talking about the Reconstruction, He made the comment (in regards to the Gideonites that did the experiment in Reconstruction at Port Royal) that the Gideonites had differing points of view on how to go about making things happen. One guy was pretty conservative, and saw it as a business. One lady was way more bleeding heart and thought that the former slaves needed everything to be given to them. Teach makes the comment that "I'd rather get helped by a bleeding heart liberal than have somebody pray for me and not give me anything as a compassionate conservative"...or words to that effect. You get the idea.

All I can say is, last day of class is Dec. 15th. I'll be submitting my transcripts ASAP after that so I can take my Binnis Manglement degree and run.


Josh said...

Just to be an argumentative SOB, since we've done this before...

How old is the world, in your esteemed opinion?

You know I don't care, so don't get riled up, I just want to see if you can 'splain it without resorting to "*MAGIC!*"

Speaking of which, I spoke at length with Coma the other day about some of the topics in Ross's book. Now he thinks I'm the crazy one - talk about juxtaposition!


Haji said...

There is evidence that shows that the world is much closer to about 6,000 years old. Certainly not tens of millions. Where are most of the fossils found? In the Cambrian era. Why? Because of the flood detailed in the Bible. Critters can't die and become fossils; they'll decompose before they're fossilized. It has to happen rapidly. Using the Cambrian period as a point in time, its possible to extrapolate that the Earth is about 6000 years old.

Sedimentary rocks, under the religion of evolution, are created over millions of years as sediment is carried by water or as dust blown by wind. That would take millions upon millions of years if that's how it worked. When Mt. St. Helens popped, it laid down 25 FEET of sediment in an afternoon.

Radiometric dating has been radically wrong in aging rocks of known age. One example is a lava flow from New Zealand where rocks were taken from flows in 1949, three of them from 1954, and 1975. The rock formed was dated by the radiometric method between .27 million years old, and 3.5 million years old.

The rate of decay of the Earth's magnetic field mathmatically agrees with the world not being more than about 10,000 years old. Additionally, salt pours into the sea much faster than it evaporates from it. If the Earth was as old as its been claimed to be by the Deep Time theorists, the oceans would be so salty that nothing could live. There's not enough salt in the oceans for the earth to be millions of years old.

There are many more examples, but this is getting to be too long as it is. There are books already written on the subject, so seek them out if you're of a mind to.

I passed Unintended Consequences on to Top. It doesn't have pictures, so he may not read it, but I'm tryin'!