Saturday, September 08, 2007

UFC 75

Finally! A UFC "PPV" (free on Spike because it was in London, England. Does that mean they get all the rest of them free?) that was worth it! I would have paid for this one. We found out a few things: Quinton Jackson has some SERIOUS ground skills, Dan Henderson has a rock hard head, and Matt Hammill has some striking skills, but seemed to forget that ya gotta dance with what brung ya.

I'm not sure if Mike Bisping would have won that decision against Hammill in the states; that fight was really close. I kept hoping he'd clip Matt and end the fight, but it didn't happen. Hammill's a tough kid, a phenominal wrestler, and has overcome a rediculous amount of adversity, but I just can't back him because of the Ortiz connection. Tough fight, and he performed. I'm not a fan of the guy, but there's no doubt at all that he belongs at the top of the pile in light heavyweight.

Speaking of LHW's, I think Henderson ought to really consider a move down to Middleweight. Jackson was able to hold him down because Rampage probably had 15 or 20 pounds on him. Henderson in the same weight class as Spider Silva and Rich Franklin? Oh, man! Look out! It seems to be his natural weight, since even though he lost the PRIDE LHW belt tonight, he still holds the PRIDE MW title. No doubt about it, Henderson is a tough guy in any weight class, but he's a little small for LHW. Dude's got heart by the truckload, though. No doubt about that.

Cheick Kongo beat Cro Cop decisively. Not sure what's up with Mirko; is Kongo that good, or is Mirko just getting to the end of his fighting career? Kongo is going to be in line for a title shot...but he'll have to fight Randy Cotoure, and I don't think he's well rounded enough. His BJJ is not great, and Randy made Gonzaga, a BJJ black belt, look totally outclassed.

I'm looking forward to the next PPV. I gotta say, Keith Jardine has big brass ones for facing Chuck Liddell after he's lost the title, and Forrest Griffin is in for probably the fight of his life, at least since he was ripped off in losing a decision against Ortiz, against Marco "Shogun" Rua. Shogun is THE REAL DEAL. Granted, most PRIDE fighters haven't fared all that well in the Octagon-witness the Texas Crazy Fish Heath Herring, among others-but I'm feeling good about Rua's entrance to the Cage. Not sure what's gonna happen with the Axe Murderer, since he got KO'd by Henderson, but it'll be interesting to see. I had a feeling that it was just a matter of time before Wanderlei Silva got signed to the UFC, and that came true about a month ago. These are historical times for MMA. This is the cusp of where it gets to the point of gargantuan awesomeicality.


Sal Costello said...


He spent the whole night running away like a little girl. Hamil was the aggressor! UFC is protecting Bisping. Bisping sucks man!

That is complete bull!

Anonymous said...

All the UFC 75 Videos are posted here:

Josh said...

I won money on the Cro Cop fight...that was good shit, right there.

I got no takers on the Rampage bout, since I bet heavily on him to beat Lidell and I still haven't been paid some of the hundreds I'm owed.

UFC rocks!

Haji said...

Get used to it. PPV's at home aren't the same as puttin' yer action in a casino. Besides, you know several deadbeats that don't make very much money.

I still think Henderson will drop down a weight class and dominate. Who wouldn't want to see Henderson vs. Anderson Silva for the title? That'd be awesome. 'Course, Silva's gotta get past a pissed off Rich Franklin first.