Sunday, April 22, 2007

Non News Non Stories are abound tonight

OK, so its not exactly the hottest of the non-news regarding the VT shooter, but this story is the just about the height of the idiocy. Talk about trying to make something out of nothing. I suppose that blame must be laid somewhere other than with the dirtbag loser geek that committed the crime.

Wow, ten round magazines for his Walther P22. That's preposterous! Those are only for killing people. They have no sporting purpose whatsoever! They can carry those hollow point cop killer bullets, too! I gotta get me some rolly-eye emoticons if I'm gonna keep writing that sort of stuff. I guess I just wanted to stay in the same theme as the major papers have.

The only problem is, those magazines (at least the Chic Trib didn't call 'em "clips" for a change) are legal just about everywhere, including California. They're against EBay's policy, too, which is retarded...but that will have to wait as its a separate topic of its own. Bottom line is, this is a non-story.

The news is clearly looking everywhere other than where the blame truly lies. By omission, they're blaming both the EBay seller and EBay themselves. They're blaming his upbringing. They're blaming his personality; his taciturnity. Don't worry about not knowing that word, I had to go look it up, too. It means quietness, introversion. More specifically, it means being taciturn to the point of being a jerk; only volunteering the bare minimum of information (which will usually have to be pried out of the subject through repeated questioning) and being difficult to communicate with.

I'm somewhat of an introvert. I don't have much trouble talking to people I don't know, but I don't go looking for people to meet, either. Even so, one must learn to have at least a little bit of socialization skills to get by in the world anymore. I mean, this kid went from a country where family communication is paramount, and then went to a huge university. How can ya not at least come out of the shell a little bit? I'll call it like I see it: he's a jerk.

Here's the bottom line here: Dude was an ass. He did this. It all ends with him. Its all on his shoulders. The students there apparently made it easy for him, but its still all on him. Let's quit trying to blame everyone and everything else and put that blame where it belongs.

One last point, since I probably won't be on this subject again unless I get disgustipated and post about that. One of my friends, who's an SF Weapons Sergeant, made a good point yesterday. If I saw this skinny little twit come into a classroom, line everyone up and then shooting that first person, I'd have reacted like my bro. His comment was "...I'd be thinkin' 'what have I got to loose?' and get up and throw a fist at that punk" he then went on to pantomime pummeling him with fists and then giving him the boots and a good monkey stomping. Some of these kids at VT talked about "waiting to die, I guess". I can't even fathom that kind of thinking. I have a gun with me most days. It would be pretty clear that this guy had no training. The body count was so high not because he was so skilled, but because so many allowed it to happen. Unbelievable.

Maybe this will cause people to take their own safety seriously. Wow! You could get expelled for having the tools to defend yourself? Yeah, that sure pales in comparison to getting dead. I'm sure VT is the only school to go to, as well. Am I advocating the ignoring of school policy? Not as much as I am advocating being thoughtful about your own well being. I'd rather there would have been one guy there who chose to ignore policy and save the lives of a couple dozen people, including himself. Or herself.

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