Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Starting over again

I've finally reached the end of my rope. The limit of my patience. The whatever of my whatever. I can't stand fighting with Windows any more. It appears that my ol' Dell has a dialer or something similar in a directory somewhere that I can't find. I'm rather tired of spending money to get programs to fix the things that are wrong with Windows. The bloated carcass of XP is no longer my problem. I believe I've found something better.

My boy Josh turned me on to Linux and Seems like he never ever ever has trouble with his computer, and I wanted what he has. He pointed me in the right direction, answered about a hundred stupid questions, and I'm sure he agonized during the time that I was waiting for the tax overpayment money to show up. "Please! Just let him get the damn check so he'll shut up!" LOL. I got it all hooked up yesterday, and I couldn't be happier so far.

This is what I ended up buying. I wanted to add 10 terrabites more memory and the 806 million gig hard drive, but I just stuck with the base package. It comes pre-loaded with Freespire from Linspire, which already has an office suite and just about everything else that I had on my old rig. This is a nice machine! I haven't even come close to exploring the capabilities of this system yet. I'm stoked.


Josh said...

I'm sure he agonized during the time that I was waiting for the tax overpayment money to show up.

Ayup. ;)

Now I'll have to download, burn and run a LiveCD of Freespire to familiarize myself with it for when you send me more of the tech-support emails. But it'll be worth it, having turned another soul from the Gates fold before you could buy Vista.

"I can't get on the internet - what did you do?"
"My computer won't turn on when it's not plugged in."
"Linux sucks - it won't let me download the v32.vir.Eaten.dll extension that I need to see this one, ummm, educational documentary website."

Yes, I can see it now...

Haji said...

I may or may not be a lot of things, but I am honest. LOL

DirtCrashr said...

I like it! I'm not going to be a Vista-boy.

Haji said...

One of my coworkers is a neophyte computer user. Her daughter just bought her a new Dell machine, but she's been having some trouble getting it set up on the 'net. I guess Dell CS squared her most of the way away last night, except that they couldn't figure out why her system was slow. When she said "the tech guy sayd [German accent] that Vista shouldn't be running this slow" it was all I could do to avoid the snide comment. If it'd been an experienced user, I wouldn't have held back. Most of the people at work have computer problems. They say its doing this, or it won't do that. I just grin and say "I don't have that problem anymore." LOL!