Tuesday, February 13, 2007

AR15 Parts: Daniel Defense

I have to cop to having a bit of a bias towards Daniel Defense, Inc. Their VP of Contract and Military Sales used to work for the same company I do, and let me live in his home for far longer than he probably should have. He's one of my favorite people in the world...and he married so far over his head, his nose musta bled for at least a week to ten days.

So why am I blogging about Daniel Defense? Two reasons: first, they're making some of the very best AR15 parts out there. Secondly, they're on the verge of pretty well dominating the market, and I like telling shooters about the Next Big Thing.

Some of you, I'm sure, are saying something along the lines of "I've never heard of 'em, and they're gonna dominate the market?" Here's why: the Army has decided that they needed a new M203 rail. Long story short, Daniel Defense won that contract. Now, with contracts come headaches; ya gotta make all those parts that they're contracted for! However, knowing my bro, and having met the head of the company, they're gonna pull it off, and they're going to have a whole lot more working capital. We're looking at the start of something amazing happening.

They already make the best rail in the business. Nobody makes a lighter rail. But, for being the lightest parts going, they're also rock solid and perfectly dimensioned.

They make more than rails: offset flashlight mounts, a great rear sling point called the EZ CAR Mount. The beauty of it is that it bolts directly over the buffer tube with no modifications to the rifle necessary. This mount is very popular with the soldiers at Fort Campbell; we've sold hundreds of 'em. Another great product from DD is the upper receiver they make. Theirs stacks up against anyone else's on the market. Great quality.

After several conversations and e-mails, I've gained some insight into Daniel Defense's vision for the future. Let's just say "its comprehensive". They are going to be making every significant part for AR's that there are, and maybe even some that haven't been made yet.

If you're looking for a rail, Daniel Defense is the way to go. They are flat out the best there is. Keep an eye on this company, though: they're going to be on top of the heap soon. You'll be able to tell all yer shootin' buds that "Yeah, I've been using them for years. I've been into DD since back in the day."

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