Sunday, February 18, 2007

Joes vs Pros...vs Pros...Joes...whatever.

Typically, this wouldn't really be my cuppa tea. Mmmmmm...tea...Oh, wait. Distracted. Pros vs. Joes! That's it. OK!

The best part is seeing people run smack and have to pay for it. I love that part. Ya know you're gonna be competing against somebody who got paid to do it, and you're gonna run smack about it? Nice going. Always a good idea to piss off a guy who played a sport at a top level for a decade. More than one, actually. I love the viewing of the audition tapes. Today they were makin' fun of Spudd Webb, before shooting three pointers against him. They tried to keep up with Andre Reed, too. That was pretty funny. I absolutely loved seeing the All Sport Equivalent of Softball Guy in an octagon with Randy Couture. He's not even a submission fighter, but he put on a decent clinic of lock holds.

Just because you may be a decent D League Softball Guy doesn't mean you can compete against even the Usta Be guys. How 'bout a little introspection so I don't have to blog about how embarassed you were on national (OK, cable, but with national distribution) TV. If I cared enough, I'd get all the losers pics together and post 'em up, but that would not be all that interesting to the 20 people who read my blog.

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