Monday, February 26, 2007

Could There Be Hope For Zumbo Yet?

It was "reported" on ATS Tactical Gear's forum, that there may be a way for Jim Zumbo to get back into AR shooter's good graces. You'll probably recall that ol' Jim Z posted on his blog words to the effect of "AR's and AK's are terrorist guns, and terrorists are the only ones that use them." He lost his blog, connection with Outdoor Life, endorsements with Remington, and basically destroyed his career with some poorly chosen words. Did he deserve it? Yeah. However, several influential people have said "that's enough", and are moving towards mitigating any further vilification of Zumbo.

To that end, Denny Hansen and SWAT Magazine have gotten together with Pat Rogers and arranged to have Jim take the Carbine Operator's Course, and write an article to be published in SWAT magazine. This is due to happen soon, so the article will probably be out in a few months.

Since Zumbo comes from a hunting background and not a shooting one, apparently, his perspective on this class should be interesting. Being a firearms hunter, I would think that he would at least understand that shooting is fun, so he should have a fun, and very enlightening, experience in this class.

Kudos to all involved here: Denny Hansen, Pat Rogers, SWAT magazine, and Ted Nugent, who apparently was the conduit to contact Jim Zumbo. I think you're gonna get a kick out of this class, Jim.

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