Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Ouch. Sore. This better be worth it.

I'm a big, fat bastard, and I know it. That's not a really big deal until I come up against something that proves it to me. For me that was Pat Rogers' Carbine Operator's Course. I ran into a couple things I was physically unable to do, and I didn't like that. I started changing my diet in an effort to move towards being able to do what I couldn't do before. I will do them sometime in the future, after more work is done.

To that end, I started on Sunday working out with my home boy Sean. He's much stronger in the upper body than I am, but he's been shot in the leg and has a messed up hip from it, too, so there are things I can do more easily than he can. When he was a full time Infantry guy, he was working out a lot and got pretty doggone big, and crazy strong. Since he's been rehabbing his injuries, he's gained some weight and lost some strength, and wasn't happy about it. He really wanted to start working out again, but it's a lot easier to do that when there's somebody else to do it with. We decided that we were gonna get into this craziness together.

We started on Sunday, doing upper body. That's always funner, and you know where this is going: yeah, I overdid it. I started off going light, but it started being challenging and I pushed too many reps with too much weight, for the first time back to lifting in several years. I was much more sore the second day, and I'm just now starting to feel less pain in those muscles. Honestly, I was kind of dreading doing the lower body work out tonight.

I headed over to Sean's place, and it turns out that he had a month's worth of water (and other stuff) to get out of his rig, and taken to his third floor apartment. That was about a dozen, 32 ounce bottle cases, and a couple extra trips of other supplies. What ended up happening was that by the time we got to the third floor, the burn was pretty hardcore! I tried to push the pace a bit, and I think I succeeded because my legs felt like lead going back down the stairs. But, I helped a friend, and mixed up the workout. I'm not enjoying exercising yet, but that'll probably happen again, especially when I start seeing some good results. It better be worth the effort. ;)

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