Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I didn't really want to go this direction: Haji's thoughts on stuff

Let's face it, other than going to the range and working out, there's not a lot to do in Western KY, especially with the Division deployed. As such, there just isn't that much to blog about...except my opinions on stuff, which are pretty well set, because I'm gettin' old and increasingly grumpy.

I was trying to avoid going this direction, but I've noticed a couple things. First, I see a lot of people posting stuff on the Intardweb that makes it clear they need some help. Why should they listen to me? Because most of my information comes from people much smarter and more experienced than I am. Basically, you're not getting my word, you're getting theirs.

What do I plan to cover? Well...I really need more of a plan to determine that. I have a couple topics I want to go into: a (notice I didn't say "the") proper way to set up an AR, vertical foregrips, polymer framed pistols, the Taurus Judge, training and trainers, why or why not a 1911 and why all 1911's aren't the same, and a few more topics. I haven't determined an order yet; I'm going to have to ponder that and see what comes up.

What can I say? It's either this or no blogging at all. Both my readers rejoice!

I am, of course, opinionated. I am convinced I'm right, until proven otherwise.

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Richard said...

The mere fact that you used "a" instead of "the" in regard to a proper way to set up an AR is why I value your opinion and follow your blog. I look forward to reading the topics you mentioned.