Sunday, August 08, 2010

A little something for the heat

Because it's way hot this week and the A/C is runnin', a little video of cooler times was warranted.

That's my homeboy Blogger Formerly Known As Josh, somewhere in the mountains of Durango, CO a few years ago. We did a snowmobile tour that was pretty cool. I don't care that much about riding snowmobiles, but being out in the mountains on one was a lot of fun. This particular incident took place as our guide went back to find where Amber had dumped her scooter and Beefy, Josh and I were forced to entertain ourselves. The header was by far the best part...other than the Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich posted a while back from that trip.


James family outpost, Iowa. said...

What happened to Josh's blogs (SouthParkPundit & BallisticDeanimation) did he give up on them? I Saw he was doing twitter, then his blogs disappeared. Any news? Does he still twitter, if so under what name? Thanks! - Jason

Haji said...

He would do Twitter. I always suspected he was weird like that.

He's been remodeling and working full time. He's on Facebook, but its just not the same as his blogging. He's just gettin' lazy as he gets older.