Sunday, January 04, 2009

Vince is even worse than Billy Mays

I was hoping that the Shamwow would be the only product we saw being hocked by that Jersey weirdo Vince, but alas, that's not the case. He was selling some kind of chopping thing called the Slap Chop. He even makes a comment along the lines of "you're gonna love my nuts" after chopping a handful of them. All I can think is "Slap Chop...I'd like to do that to Vince".

Its a disturbing trend to see infomercials condensed into a 15 to 30 second format. It was bad enough that they existed in the first place because there was unsold airtime. At least you knew if it was a half hour or more long (remember Tom Vu?) it was gonna be cheesy and low quality. Now they're trying this quick hit thing that I'm sure is much more effective. I mean, if people thought Obama was a good choice for President and that we needed a Democrat majority in Congress, clearly their attention span is short enough to allow them to make these kinds of poor decisions. Vince is capitalizing on American ig'nance. Good for him, bad for America.

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DirtCrashr said...

That kinda thing has been around in Europe forever and they're a pain to clean withoug losing a digit or slicing a knuckle - it IS why Cuisinart's were invented!
A small coffee grinder with a chopping blade (not actual grinding wheels) works better on nuts too, or the small jar you put on a blender. Everybody needs a blender for drinks, but how does this improve a drink? Not! Fail! :-)