Sunday, January 04, 2009

More parts: 10-8 rear sight for the M&P9

I decided that I needed to try something different with the sights on my MnP. Having three dots is, I think, slowing me down, as I attempt to align the dots rather than the sights. Additionally, the Novak rear sights that come on the MnP are a wedge design that is much less effective to use for the racking of the slide using the rear sight as a "hook". That lead me to start looking for other sights, and through recommendation of better shooters than I (not that hard; most people shoot better than I do), lead me to the 10-8 Performance rear sight.

picture belongs to 10-8 Performance

The sight's notch is a "U", rather than of these: "|_|". What I am hoping is that the deep notch and the serrated face will help me zero in on the front sight. I know I'm dropping shots from time to time because I'm not staying on the front sight in an effort to go faster. The sight is thick enough to add a tritium vial or vials to, but my plan is to get only the front sight with tritium. After that, I have some other work to be done, and then this gun will be finished as an inveterate tinkerer such as I can be.

I've heard a lot of good things about Bowie Tactical's trigger work for the MnP, but I've also heard from one of the Cool Guys I know that the back log has gotten very long. There are others getting into the MnP/Glock/whatever other polymer pistol you have sweepstakes, some of them even posting on their websites that those guns are the only ones they're working on anymore. Additionally, the SnW Performance Center shows some custom work for this gun. I think what I may do is have them (SWPC) install a tritium front sight, and do a trigger job on the gun. Express service is a five business day turn around. The polish job probably isn't crucial, as I don't have access to really crappy ammo, but it won't hurt my (so far) 100% reliability, either. Most of what I've read of the PC sear is that it both lightens and crispifies the trigger. I don't know if he gets a "harder" reset or not, but that's about the only thing I wish the MnP came with. Glock triggers reset much more positively.

I've really come to like the MnP a lot, but I haven't forgotten why I was willing to trade my G19 for it in the first place: I have a line on another G19 at a very attractive price. If it weren't for that, I probably wouldn't have done it. I've got some G19 magazines and some G17 magazines, so I gotta get another 19 to make all those usable.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the proper tools in the shop to fit the rear sight, so I left it with Hal Wade at Tennessee Custom Gunsmithing. I'll have it back early next week. I'm figuring on about Wednesday before I can get it. Luckily, he's got the range that Matt, Paul and I shoot at, so if I remember to bring a little ammo, I'll be able to check it out at the same time...assuming I'm not laid out by being at the dentist tomorrow.

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